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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

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ii  n   -    0      0             fre, h- 49  e-
listeners further con-tact with the free nations of Europe. The
broadacast offers reports and mus ic from London, ]Paris, Vienna,
Zurich, Stockholm, the Benelux countries,.- Madrid and Rome.
-tAnd Today?"
This documentary style feature quarter-hour follows the 2200
news Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and is usually, put not
always, political in content. Typical subjects were the analysis
of- abuses of Soviet Zone courts, the conviction of Otto Remer, ex-
-:planat-ion of- the American elections the mass evacuation of middle
class elements in Hungary, as well as special reports- on youth
rallies, church lay assemblies, and other important events.
?Iirror of the East"
A program on developments in the Soviet Union and satellite
countries broadcast Tuesday through Friday from 0010 to 0020 hours
as a feature in the "truth campaign."
Fo hr the Teachers"
A special program for teachers- and parents in -the Soviet
Zbne which is carried Monday and Thursday at 1640 (2o minutes) and
Wed nesday at 2300 (10 minutes).
ee,    Feature Comment
This ten-minute program, broadcast on Sundays at 1245, is
the feature commentary of the station on- the outstanding develop-
ments of the week, voiced by regular commentators and- dealing with
0ub'jcts in their particular fields.
t IThe Week in Bonn"
A weekly half-hour program broadcast at 1030 on Sundays, pro-
viding a review of parliamentary affairs and containing recorded
excerpts of significant developments in the Buundestag.
Re ort from the Berlin House of Re resentatives
A fortnightly half-hour program broadcast on Thursdays at
- 2215; providing reviews and recorded excerpts from the Berlin legis-
- lature.
"Where the Shoe Pinches"
M. Iayor Reuter' s fortnightly quarter-hour broadcast at 1845
hios onSundays dealing with municipal affairs of Berlin.
- 50 -

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