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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

MSA broadcasts - European hour,   pp. 49-50 PDF (753.7 KB)

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- 48 -
The three major democratic pax-ties of West Berlin
the Social Democratic Party, the Christian Democratic Union and
the Free Democratic Party -- alternate in providing five-minute
talks on Saturday at 1740 and Monday at 2055 hours.
Trade Union Broadcast
This program is heard every Saturday at 1530. Three broad-
casts a month- are recorded, given by the German Trade Union F~de-
ration (DGB), the fourth by -the German Trade Union of Salaried
Employees (DAG).
"Victims of Soviet Concentration Camps"
Weekdays, at 0840, RIAS reads the names of persons known
to have died in Soviet concentration camps. The- names are supplied
by the Fight ing Group Against Inhumanity. The- lists are not legal
notice of death, but names are not included until reported by at
least thrbee independent sources.
"Guenter Neumann and His Islanderst"
An extremely popular cabaret broadcast on the first Sunday
of each month at 2005 hours and repeated during the week. With
words and music by Guenter Neumann, postwar Germany's leading,
figure in t-his field, the "Insulaner" broadcasts continue Berlin4_.s
tradition of sharp, entertaining political satire. Now a RIAS
trade mark, the broadcasts were begun during the blockade, Iwhich
inspired the title of the show. Neumann adds special broadcasts-
for important events: an IDJ rally, Soviet Zone elections, etc.
MISA Broadcasts
"The RIAS Answer Man," Monday, WJednesday, Friday at 1130,
is sponsored by MSA. This program answers listeners' questions
.on any but medical anid legal subjects and includes signif-icant
information on European economic progress with American aid and
other political and economic topics of interest to LISA.         :
tiuop- an IHour .
This program, heard every Sunday- at 1801, is desigued to
-further the sense of European community -and give Soviet Zone
- 49 -

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