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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

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life and just ordinary events of human interest, "!Zeit im Funk"
is one
of the station's most popular broadcasts.
"Berlin Press Review"
A daily (except Monday) 15-minute review of editorial opinion in the
free press of West Berlin and the controlled press of East Berlin. The
broadcast is carried at 1745.
University Program
Heard Tuesdays from 2315 to 2330, the "University Program" takes
German and foreign topics of special interest to university students and
faculties. It pays close attention to Soviet Zote university affairs and
has a large audience in the East.
The program is distinct from the "RIAS-University-of-the-Air",
-half-hour broadcast carried. Mondays and a 15-minute program carried Tues-
days at 2300. This offers lectures on the university level in all fields
of knowledge. Thel lectures, which include a series of talks on the trans-
formation of Marxian thought through Stalinist tyranny, are drawn from Ger-
many, the United States, Denmark, Switzerland, Great Britain and other coun-
Youth Pro    s
The Youth Section (Jugendfunk) offers lo-minute broadcasts: Monday,
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 0620; Tuesday and Thursday 0540; these
directly with the current problems of youth. in the Soviet Zone, and occa-
sionally includes reportages illustrating youth activities in 1West Berlin
and the Federal Republic; other programs, 2o minutes, the first Tuesday in
month 212o- Thursday 2145; and Friday, 1500. The dramatizations, talks and
reports contrast the opportunities and freedom of Western youth with the
gimentation of Eastern youth and seek to give the latter strength of resis-
tance and a sense of community with the West.
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