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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

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- 46 -
1220 - 1230  For farmers        V
1340 - 1350  For housewives
1945 - 2000  Main Sovzone program of universal
0110 - 0120  Repeat of highlights of above
0210 - 0220  Repeat of highlights of above
(The major items of the Soviet Zone shows and other politi-
cal broadcasts of the preceding night are repeated in a special
transmission for rebroadcast by the Hof transmitter daily from
0845 to 1000 hours to compensate for that transmitter's being
off the air during the evening.)
.On Sundays the only Soviet Zone show is the half-hour broad-
cast, "Sunday Morning on the Farm," at 0700-
RIAS Commentaries
The regular daily news commentary is carried at 1940 hours.
Staff commentators include Heinz Frentzel, specialist in foreign
affairs, and Egon Bahr, RIAS's chief correspondent in Bonn.
Regular guest commentators include Helmut Meyer-Dietrich,
assistant editor of "Die Morgenpost"; Anton Schopke, Director:
the- Borsig works at Berlin-Tegel, who does .the "Current Economics
Report"every Saturday at 1350 hours; W-ilhelmj. Gries vQf "Der
and Hans Herz, who frequently contributes talks on Berlin topics.
As .Gunter Birkenfeld's cultural-political talks are given every
Saturday at- 1640 -hours.
Alfred Boerner-' s Commentaries
The weekly commentaries of Alfred Boerner, spokesman for the
Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany, are broadcast
Tuesday at 2001"hours.
"Zeit im Funk"
A 30-minute program of current events, broadcast daily-ex-
cept Sunday at 1830. It normally offers on-the-spot reports and
int erviews from Berlin and the Federal Re public, including ma-
terial from the station's Bonn bureau. It also frequently offers
first-hand reports on Soviet Sector and Soviet Zone affairs, 'al-
though RILLS reporters cannot enter those areas. Ranging through
politics, economics, musical and theatrical
. 47 -

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