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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Special broadcasts for Soviet zone,   pp. 46-47 PDF (734.0 KB)

Page 46

- 45 . -
Besides news the service carries the weather report and the latest
exchange rate of LEast to blest marks.
The telephone news is exchanged  ive times daily at:
The Voice of America
The station carries three programs of the Voice of America's German
Service designed specially for Berlin and the Soviet Zone.- The first, at
0645 hours daily except Snday, is a 1k-minute broadcast for the morning
audience. The second program, a 30-minute broadcast, is heard at 1900 hours
daily. The third program, of 15 minutes duration, is broadcast at 2245, Mon-
day through Friday, Saturday night at 0010 and Sunday night at 0010 hours.
The popularity of these programs is shown in the heavy volume of
German listener mail sent direct to the Voice's Ntew York headquarters or
forwarded through RIAS.
┬žealBroadcasts for the Soviet Zone
These special programs for the Soviet Zone are presented- daily in
various forms in 10-minute spots for -segments of the radio audience and
a 15-minute show broadcast at evening peak listening time for the mass
These shows have been extremely useful in maintaining the morale of
the people in the Soviet Zone, providing them with practical advice on how
to deal With oppressive acts and decrees and unmasking Soviet agents who
seek to achieve by terror what the system can never hope to accomplish by
Following is the schedule of these special Soviet Zone shows:
0535 - 0545  For workers
-    -   C0640 - 0645  Information from the Soviet Zone
0720 - 0750  For white collar workers
(Alternating daily in the above
spots is a review of W7est German and
foreign press entitled "Glance at the
Free Press")
- 46 -

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