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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Sample commentary by Egon Bahr,   pp. 35-36 PDF (737.4 KB)

Page 35

-  34
Sa~l      Cmentarb~ Egon Bahri RIAS corres acent 'in Bon     Au   t     12
A.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n nA. AMst                                  1j
"Dear lis teners!
tI0ur greatest enemies are indolence and habit. The spice of the
unusual will never keep people in suspense for long, and this human weak-
ness is the best ally of every dictatorship. We ctn be utterly enthus-
iastic or enraged over some incident, but we can not maintain these
feelings. And we can not reach the same or relative emotional climax if
the incident. occurs en masse. One or two men were killed, what a tragic
event! A thousand men are killed daily in a war, but, apa't from their
families, waho else speaks of it? Thousandfold tragedy for thousands of
days - instead of the climax to be expected, there is actually a dimi-
nution of feelings; it has become habit, although more deaths undoubtedly
mean more grief.
"A man was abducted, and everybody talked about it. Tomorrow a
month will have passed since Dr. Linse was abducted. The vehement indig-
nation which arose all overx the world has not remained the same as in
the fir st days after the crime. Furthermore, Dr. Linse was not the only
one abducted during, these 50 days, but who knows all the others? Well,
we can not change the characteristics and habits of this strange animal
known as the human being, but where emotions and feelings cannot be main-
tained, reason and determination must be called upon to remind, to, ad-
monish'and to urge, no matter whether this is comfortable or not.
"The Linse case as well as all the others must not be forgotten.
It should serve as a warning to many people- although not all, thank
God- that the   recent note of protest by Deputy US High Commissioner
Reber has brought the name Linse back to the front pages of the news-
papers. It is most reassuring to see that the Americans keep on pushing
this case. This protest constitutes not only a psychological, but also
a political move.
"After the Soviet Zone re wspapers have cynically acknowledged the
abduction of Dr. Linse, there are only two answers to the American
questions addressed to Chuikov. Either he admits that the title "Control
Commission" is a misnomer and the Soviets are, therefore, not in a
position to find out what happens in their zone, or they must acknowledge
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