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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Warning service,   pp. 30-31 PDF (710.6 KB)

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- 29 -
there now, there can be no doubt that with the progressive tighten-
ing of the situation radical purges will follow according to plan.
After all, it is wiell known that Moscow issues the same fatherly
guidance to all its Communist children. In short, it is now the turn
of the gentlemen from Pankow. The assignment of responsible offices
in state and Party becomes less attractive from day to day. A racy
BMW (Soviet Zone automobile) and a villa with a bodyguard do not
make up for a prolonged retirement in Siberia and still less for a
death by hanging. All those who today still express their indig-
nation at higher headquarters over the actions of their comrades,
in order to avoid similar fates, can very well be made to assume the
role of accused in show trials by threatening prosecutors. This is
the story and nobody can or wants to help them, He who sells himself
to the system has no right to complain if the system kills him. All
these supercomrades sit in a train whose engineer once in a while
takes pleasure in dumping a few passengers on the tracks.
* i "It has sometimes been said that the COmmunist dictatorship
enjoys a factor which, although bad in nature, puts it ahead of the
democracies. That is the possibility of giving orders without parlia-
mentary procedure with its wear and tear. This advantage, which the
democracies according to their very nature have given up voluntarily,
is also voluntarily relinquished by the Communists because they wear
out themselves and each other. Not only has the revolution devoured
its own children, but the system which evolved from the revolution
has not relinquished the maintenance of this tradition. Pankow i's now
going to find out how high the cost of this procedure will be.
Good Evening!"
A feature of vital interest to Soviet Zone residents, unmasking Commu-
nist agents is the
part of the Soviet Zone program "Berlin Speaks to the Zone.'t
1st SPEAKER:   In conclusion, warnings from the East Bureau of the
Social Democratic Party.
2nd SPEAKER:   Attention, Riesky, - attention, Niesky!
-  3o -

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