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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Sample commentary by Martin Koch,   pp. 25-28 PDF (1.6 MB)

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24  -
RIAS is on the air 24 hours a day. 29% of this time is devoted
to straight news, politics and other broadcasts predominantly political
in nature. The scripts translated for reproduction here are merely samples
of a large output. They reflect the content of standing broadcasts only,
not of the station's unusually heavy production of special broadcasts,)
political cabaret, and on-the-spot coverage of major events.
Broadcasts to the Soviet Zone
On May 6, 1949, RIAS began a regular twice-weekly, 15-minute
program called "Broadcast for Central Germany' (Sendung fur Mlittel-
deutschland). With its warnings against Soviet agents and up-to-date
news from the Zone,- it was- an immediate success. In 195o it was expanded
frequently, until it was on the air for 15 minutes every night but Sun-
day, at the Zone's best listening hour (1945), and was repeated twice
in daylight hours. On October 16, 1950, it was expanded again, in
response to listener demand. Under the title "Berlin Speaks tq the Zone"
("'Berlin spricht zur Zone")  which became necessary when RIAS
its power to cover all the German East - a new broadcast is presented
daily, in addition to five other daily political broadcasts for the
Soviet Zone.
Recent exampl es of Berlin    aks to the Zone"1
Sample commentary by Martin TKoch in "Berlin Speaks to the Zone",
August 18, 1952:
" Goo d evening!
It is an old story that the Co mmunist newspapers devote very
little space to reports on what is re-Illy happening in the Soviet
Zone, the daily struggle for mere existence, the tensions and the real
developments - of which there are plenty. Only: now and then, when it
becomes absolutely necessary, they will lift the curtain of news-
papers, banners and placards ma'ki-in- up the tissue of propaganda hid-
in<; the real facts. Usually such a move prepares the way for certain
intentions for which the Communist s are preparing the way. Either
the system wants to show you that after all it knows what is going
- 25

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