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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

The FDJ rally, Berlin, May 1950,   p. 20 PDF (333.9 KB)

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- 19
"I feel personally obligated to thank all the RIAS staff
for the extraordinary cooperationrwhich you gave the
Berlin population and us (the city officials) in pre-
paration for the May Day rally,.
- Ernst Reuter
Lord Mayor of Berlin
"-tAll organizations represented in the BEerlin May
Comnmittee 1950 were delighted by the superior
assistance given by RIAS. Through this energetic
aid, RIAS has contributed greatly toward the crea-
tion of a democratic conviction and toward making
this year's May Day rally, the largest one ever in
Berlin, a great success."
- Stefan Hoyzer
Independent Trade Union
Organization of Berl-in
V                                   19     "RIAIS, with lies and distor-
tions, is trying to frighten parents into keeping their children from
going to Berlin."
"Freiheit,'    k Halle, 1pril l, 195  "Vicious inflammatory speeches
RIAS .... have had such an influence on many parents that they are for-
bidding their sons and daughters to participate in the Whitsun meeting."
Volksstimmett Sachsen, April 23     95o:  RIAS .... cannot be silent
about .the youth meeting in Berlin, so it broadcasts the most senseless
Radio "BerliT Ma              "The FDJ members behaved quietly,
of course,
and demonstrated only in the Soviet Sector .       A.. RAS asserted that
were coming to it. This was only a matter of certain criminal elements."
(The"criminal elements" were, in fact, almost 2,500 interested
people from the Soviet Zone,- most of them eager to see the W'Nest and to
hear Western opinion.)
- 2o -

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