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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Response to special broadcasts, East and West: Soviet Zone concentration camps,   p. 19 PDF (357.2 KB)

Page 19

-  18           v
Carpaig     t nSoietZoneS     cnentrationcams:
Former Soviet concentration camp inmate: "You were foremost asng those
who- worked for us, wniho took up the cause of humanity.... And it is thanks
to Four intensive aid that the light of a new day will find us free men
An   mI Soviet Zone,      anu           'In the prison we were able to
hear RIAS once in a 'while. I must tell you that on long, anxious days
you ivere a powerful support to us and that your broadcasts gave many
despairing men new hope for the future and a belief in freedom."
Anonymous, Soviet Zone, March 8, 195o: " Your active and fearless protests,
repeated again and again for all the world to hear, have helped bring
about the release -of many thousands of prisoners."
G.K., Berlin-iTeukoilln March        0: "Nine days ago I had the great
luck to leave the Buchenwald internment camp, near Goethe's Weimar....
Among those who tared about us, who intervened for humanity, was RIAS.
Please- accept my warmest thanks for your courageous intervention.
Gratitude and greetings from a new faithful listener."
The B                             .
Berlin's annual Mlay Day rally is attended by hundreds of thousands of
East and West Berlirers,7-iho come to demonstrate to the world' Berlin'-s
determination to remain free. RIAS's part in getting out these great
gatherings has been acknowledged in such statements as these:
"I am sure that the leaders of the demonstration *ould
never have gotten the crowd out without RIAS to help
them. I heard many leading Germans express their ad-
miration for the effectiveness with which your radio
station operated at this important time."
- Major General Maxwell D.Taylor
US Commander in- Berlin
- 19 -

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