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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

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cl early that the enemy radio - RIAS ahead of all others - is decisively
participating in 'the preparation and execution of crimes against the
German Democratic Republic. These stations give hostile forces in the
GDR 'rules of conduct' and try to reorganize their opposition. At the same
time', the enemy -radio tries to preserve and foster the backward capitalist
thinking of a part of our population - for instance, against the principle
of work output - to damage our development. The western stations and
their broadcasts are a center of- enemy resistance.T2o break the resistance
of hostile forces in the GDR, a relentless struggle must be conducted
against listening to the enemy radio.  The task of impregnating the masses
with socialist consciousness and destroying bourgeois ideologies can be
accomplished faster and more easily through an enrergetic struggle against
enemy radio propaganda. The struggle against listening to enemy stations
gains even greater importance than formerly in view of the establishment
of; socialism in theC GDR  ... It is time that our party leaders, especial-
ly the county (Kreis) leaders, recognized this fact and acted accoirdingly."
Pure Abuse
i                             or    of the SED, June 29     o:
"RIAS has once more revealed itself for what it really is: a paid,
stinking news-ulcer owned by foreign monopoly capitalists and criminal
warmongers in the heart of Germany."
A.~~~~~ 0
"Junge _Jelt~,  juY            ofcd     organ of the FDJ):
"To open one's ear to the propaganda broadcasts of RIAS constitutes
first step on the road to crime, the first step towards the penitentiary...
I'Di Frihet     Halle, August 1-, 195o:
"Even the stupidest should by now have learned that RIAS is only a paid
object of the warmongers. Everyone who feels a's a German and' thinks as
German will act as a German. He will regard RIAS as superfluous and wish
it in hell."
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