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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

The Soviet German anti-RIAS campaigns,   pp. 8-9 PDF (750.7 KB)

Page 8

- 7 -
On the occasion of the   taniversa       of RIAS, February 7, 1951,
:layor Reuter stated:
It... RIAS broadcasts have become an integral part oTf Berlin life, which
is hardly conceivable without it (RIAS)...."
ttDieWl        Feb 1951:
"... As the"'Vtoice of Freedom" for the island of Berlin and
the Soviet
Zone RIAS plays an extraordinary role in the fight against Eastern terror
and tyranny."
"Berliner Anzei       6Fn eb 5l:
tiThe 'Radio in the American Sector' is called upon to perform an important
task: it is the connecting link between the Germans on either side of the
Iron Curtain."
"I  tis-considered proper to measure the significance of a radio station
by -the amount of hatred extended by its opponents, then RIAS, which cele-
brates its fifth annvrarmoahs             civda rare degree of fame.."
PProfes'sor- Reuter, Mayor of Berlin,, at the op  ing ofthe new 20 kw short-.
,                                                  .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4
wave transmitter on8 Aug,19i51:
"From now on we have another opportunity to bring the truth to our
.oppressed countrymen in the Soviet controlled zone and to those peoples
wh6 have been robbed ofptheir freedom on the other side of the Iron-
The Soviet German Anti-RIAS CaMpaigns
'During the last seven years the COMMunist organs of the Soviet Zone
and the Soviet Sector of Berlin have expended an incalculable amount of
news space and air time in attacks upon RIAS., The stationl's staff have
happiy aceted the, Communist slogan "         rRIAS is worse than cyanide
 as a
house motto., It sums up our opponent's estimate of our effectiveness, of
which he is certainly the best judge.
- 8 - '

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