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Keeling, Ralph Franklin, 1901- / Gruesome harvest

Dedication,   pp. III ff. PDF (305.2 KB)

Page III

This book is dedicated to those people in all lands who are
ruled primarily by reason, rather than emotion; who think con-
sistently in terms of principle, rather than prejudice; who try
to see events now the way they will be viewed a generation
hence by sober historians; who try to identify the present dis-
tortion in public sentiment and understanding caused by total
war and propaganda; who are willing to appraise the problems
of peace in terms of national, rather than presumed personal
self-interest; who do not ask others to follow rules and stand-
ards which they would not accept for themselves; who believe
in equality before the law for whole peoples as for individuals;
who recognize the injustice of condoning an act committed
by one country while condemning the same act committed by
another; who can see that an a priori picking of sides and
choosing of favorites among nations without regard to their
conduct is a repugnant form of racial or national discrimi-
nation; who strive for better human relations by helping over-
come chauvinism, ethnocentrism, and persecution on any
account; who respect human dignity and fundamental human
rights; who have democratic faith in the simple honesty and
soundness of the broad masses of people in all countries; who
therefore believe that the people of no nation can be collec-
tively condemned without condemning human nature itself;
who sympathize with those millions of suffering, starving vic-
tims of total war wherever they may be; who seek the peace,
prosperity, and happiness of all people, including those who
live in our America-and our former enemies.

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