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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Confidential chat with Count Umberta,   pp. 104-105 PDF (499.3 KB)

Page 104

Tuesday, Aiugust 21
Visited the U. S. press control officers who supervise the Italian
press. The censorship of the Italian press was explained to us-it
is conducted along the lines explained to us at Bad Homburg in
Germany. Later we visited the Allied High Command and had a
splendid conversation with Admiral Ellery Stone, in command of
the civil affairs of Italy. The Admiral explained to us the conduct
of the Allied Occupation Command of Italy, and described the in-
tegrated command. The British, Russians, French, and other
commissioners sit on a board with him and he in turn acts as
Commander-in-Chief of the Civil Command of Italy.
The Admiral indicated that he felt their procedure was much
better than that of Berlin as, by their procedure, the Allied forces
in Italy could settle their problems behind closed doors and then
an order could be issued by one Commander, and not by each of
the Allied Commanders, as in Berlin.
We were told (not by Admiral Stone but by diplomatic repre-
sentatives of ours and the British Government) that the Russians
grab everything, and that it is most necessary for us to have
100,000 men here in uniform to insure law and order.
Our Army and Navy officials advise that we should stay out of
the Italian politics; let the Italians run their own politics, but
supervise the business of the nation, such as food supplies, trans-
portation, etc.
Members of our High Command in Rome expressed great satis-
faction that General MacArthur had been given supreme command
in Japan. They thought it would be suicidal to allow the Russians
to participate in the Japanese Command.
Confidential Chat with Count Umberta
After a delightful visit with our Military Command we went to
the palace of Crown Prince Umberta, and had a delightfully
friendly and personal chat with him.

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