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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Over the Danube and Rhine to Paris,   pp. 97-98 PDF (422.2 KB)

Page 97

of bad weather over the Alps and instead we visited several dam-
aged churches and mingled with the people praying. Always one
sees homecoming German soldiers, and always they have the same
funereal expression. Their utter dejection reflects absolute docility.
Any one in Munich will work 12 hours a day for food. At the
hotel, when I asked to have clothes pressed and laundering done,
the maid, as always, said she would rather have payment in cig-
arettes and soap instead of money.
We stayed about the hotel, watching the life around it. A Ger-
man girl was selling etchings her father-a well-known artist had
made. She told us of the privations suffered by the people during
the Nazi regime. Her fiance, a German naval doctor, is a prisoner
of war in Bremerhaven.
Friday, August 17
Waiting for clear weather, we visited the press headquarters of
Munich, the military government installation, and various other
buildings. Then, when told it was improbable that we would get
off to Naples today-as the weather was still extremely bad over
the Alps, the Brenner Pass being closed-we decided to fly to
Naples by way of Paris. The route to Paris was via Frankfurt
it's a 11/2 hour flight from Munich to Frankfurt.
Over the Danube and Rhine to Paris
We left at 3:30. Flying over the romantic Danube River, we
arrived in Frankfurt for refueling, and took off immediately for
Paris. The Rhine River at Bingen, where we crossed, is very beau-
tiful. It winds through hills and cliffs, and the adjacent forests
from an air view appear all cut in lovely patterns. We flew over the

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