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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Blonde children--Hitler's "Aryan race",   pp. 42-43 PDF (468.9 KB)

Page 42

see hundreds of motor trucks and cars, all with a big star on them,
indicating American vehicles being used by the British-we are
in the British zone of occupation.
Flew over the little town of Gutersloh-not badly hit-and
continued on, flying over the city of Bielefeld-badly damaged.
Here a long bridge was completely wrecked. Again we flew over
the autobahn, which is a 6-lane highway, 3 lanes in each direc-
tion with a space of about 15 to 20 feet of shrubbery dividing
the two highways-this makes for excellent night driving. Some-
one said that the one thing Hitler will no doubt be remembered
for will be the construction of the wonderful autobahns through-
out Germany.
I was sitting in the co-pilot seat when we arrived at our destina-
tion, the little town of Buckeburg, at about noon. Our Lieutenant
asked for permission to land. The Air Control Officer told him to
come in from a certain direction. Our pilot started to complain
and told the Air Control Officer that he was ordering him to land
down wind. Accordingly the control tower changed the directions
and told him to land against the wind.
We were met at the airport by a Major North, aide to Brigadier
General Treadwell, and were driven a distance of about 20 miles
to the little town of Minden. Here we were held up 20 minutes
crossing the Weser River, as the bridge had been demolished.
There was a temporary pontoon arrangement. Here one sees
thousands of Germans aimlessly pushing carts, or riding in small
horse-drawn vehicles. All seemed to be going nowhere.
Blonde Children-Hitler's "Aryan Race"
Continued on the highway from Minden to the little town of
Bad Oeynhausen-staff headquarters of the British Army of
Occupation. The countryside is beautiful; everything is under
cultivation; and the German people look exceptionally healthy.
Here we get our first sight of the blonde babies, the most beau-

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