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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Ordinance No. 79 of the commander in chief (French) relating to the implementation of Control Council Directive No. 38, 18 February 1947,   pp. 163-164 PDF (546.8 KB)

Page 163

18 Febriaiy 1947 (French Zonet
ORDINANCE NO. 79 from the C.i.C.
Relating to the Implementation of Control Council DirectLve No. 38
(Official JournalNo. 56, 27 Feb. 1947)
The French C.i.C in Germany,
In view of the Declaration of 5 June 1945 concerning the defeat-of Germany
the assumption of supreme authority with regard to Germany by the Provisional
ment of the French PRpublic, the Governments of the USA, the UK and the USSRS
In view of the Decree of 15 June 1945 amended by that of 18 October 1945
establishing a French High Conmand in Germany,
In view of Control Council Directive No. 24 on the elimination of Nazis fram
administration and responsible posts,
In view of Control Council Law No. 10 relating to the punishment of persons
guilty of war crimes and crimes against Peace and Humanity.
In view of Control Council Directive No. 38 on the punishment of Nazis and
In accordance with a proposal from the Deputy Admainistrator General for
Military Government of the French Occupation Zone,
The Legal Comnmittee in accord,
Art. 1 The implenentation of Control Council Directive No. 38 be entrusted
the German governmental authority for each Land who shall, under the terms
by the present ordinance, make the required provisions for legislation and
These provisions shall not interfere with the legislation in force for the
pression of war crimes, crimes against humanity or common law crimes or offences
with.provisions relating to the evocation or the reversal of legal decisions,
are expressly maintained.
Art. 2 With the exception of persons considered dangerous by Military Govern-
ment to     security of the occupation troops and who are still subject to
Government courts, persons specified by Directive No. 38 will be prosecuted
judged by special -Genmn jurisdictions.
The Presidency of each of these jurisdictions will be entrusted to a qualified
jurist. Authorized Democratic Parties and Trade Unions, and if occasions
arises, the
professional group to which the tried person belongs, will be represented.
Art. 3 Without prejudice to the sanctions which may be imposed in the implemen-
tatioi of the present ordinance, decisions given in matters of purges and
the loss of
civic rights pronounced in electoral matters previous to the setting up of
the juris-
dictions specified above, should be regarded as established save in exceptional
Art. 4 Sanctions determined by Directive No. 38 and Law Now 10 only-, may
imposed by the special jurisdictions provided for in the preceding articles.
APRIL 1948
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