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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

OMGUS letter to the Land Military Governors, U.S. Zone, subject: expediting completion of Denazification trials in the U.S. Zone, 27 March 1948,   pp. 160-162 PDF (1.0 MB)

Page 160

Office of the Military Governor
Berlin, Germany
APO 742
AG 383 (CA)                                                            27
March 1948
SUBJEOT: Expediting Completion of Denazification Trials in the US Zone
TO        Directors, Office of Military Governmmt for Bavaria
Office of Military Government for Hesse
Office of Military Government for Wuerttemberg-Baden
Office of Military Government for Bremen
Office of Militar," r-overent for Berlin Sector*
*For information on.Ly
It is the purpose of this directive to establish policy and procedures for
tary Governmemat and German denazification agencies for the acceleration
of the comple-
tion of denazification trials in the US Zone. It is essential from the standpoint
Military Government objectives in Germany that this program be finished rapidly.
2. Military Government has approved the attached ameadments to the Law for
Liberation, proposed by the Laenderrat, which give complete discretion to
Public Pros.-
ecutors in irstituting charges in those cases not yet tried.  You will inform
ordinate offices of Military Government of the attached amendments and the
of this directive, authorizing them to deliver copies of the amendments to
the Public
Prosecutors in their jurisdiction.
3. You will direct Liaiscn and Security Offices, assisted by Land Denazification
officers to contact Public Prosecutors and Tribunals locally to explain and
the attached amendments and to-offer continuing advice, guidance and direct
in the selection of the relatively few heavily incriminated oases to be tried
and the disposition of the remainder under expedited procedure.
4. You will direct your Denazification Division and the Land Liaison and
ity Offices under your jurisdictionoto make available imnediately on a loan
basis to
the Ministries and to the local tribunals the indigenous personnel of Special
Offices, including their office space and equipment, particularly to assist
the German
donazification agencies in the clerical and administrative work of their
offices during
the period until 1 MaLy 1948.
5. You will relieve the personnel of your Denazificati aa Division and all
fied Liaison and Security officers of all other duties until 1 May 1948,
to enable
them to provide continuous and personal assistance to the German denazification
at every level in expediting the completion of denazification trials.
6. The following cables and 1 etter establishing Military Government controls
the denazification program are hereby rescindedr
a. Cable No V-10409, this headquarters, 15 November 1946;
b* Par 4, Cable No V-12966, this headquarters, 17 January 1947;
c. Cable No V-13930, this headquarters, 7 February 1947;
d. Letter, this headquarters, "Arrest by German Police of Members of
tions Found Criminal. by the International Military Tribunal," AG 250.3
(IA 9 July 1947).
APRIL 1948
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