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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Commander in chief of Soviet occupation forces in Germany, Order No. 201, rules for the application of Directives No. 24 and No. 38 of the Control Council on Denazification, 16 August 1947,   pp. 156-157 PDF (975.6 KB)

Page 156

From the "Taegliche Rundschau," Soviet Occupation Organ,
17 August 1947
Issued by the Supreme Commander of the Soviet Military Administration
Commander-in-Chief of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany
No. 201
Rules for the Application of Directives No. 24 and No. 38
of the Control Council on    D e n a z i f i c a t i o n
Beginning at the. moment of the unconditional surrender of Germany much has
done in the Soviet occupation zone for the cleaning .of public authorities,
and important private enterprises of former active fascists, militarists
and war crim-
inals, and for the replacement of these persons by men who are able to assist
in the
democratic reconstruction of Germany in the interest of the German people.
By means of the Land reform landed property of junkers, fascists and war
was transferred to the hands of farmers. Credit and banking institutions
as well as
private enterprises of former active fascists and mi]itarists became property
of the
peo -Thus, in the Soviet occupation zone, the fundaments of fascism, militarism
and reaction have been greatly shaken.
Under these circumstances it is absolutely necessary, corresponding to the
cisions of the fourth meeting of the foreign ministers in Moscow, to make
a difference
between former active fascists, militarists, and persons who are really guilty
of war
crimes and crimes of a different nature ecnmitted by the Nazis onT      one
han,, an
nomiinal, non-active fascists who are able to break with the fascists ideology
and to-
ther with the democratic classes of the German people participate in the
efforts at the reconstruction of a peaceful, democratic Germany on the other.
general legal prosecution of all former nominal, non-active members of the
Nazi Party
would only badly affect the cause of Germany's democratic reconstruction
and contribute
to the fortification of the position of the remainder of fascist and military
On account of Article 5, part 1, of Directive No. 38 of the Control Council
the wishes of the antifascist democratic parties, which represent the public
of the
Soviet zone, I decree the following order:
1) Former members of the Nazi party who did not commit cri1mes against peace
the security of other nations, or by means o crimes -violated the German
people them-
selves,, will not only be granted the active right to vote, but also the
passive one.
Ordinances, regulations and instructions on the limitation of political and
citizen rights of persons belonging to the above-mentioned categories issued
by German
administrative organs or the organs of the Soviet Military Administration
of the
Soviet occupation zone will be abrogated.
2)  German adninistrative organs and denazification boards will be obliged
take steps necessary for the speed-.up and the conclusion of denazification
in the
Soviet occupation zone corresponding to the Directive No. 24 and No. 38 of
the Con-
trol Council and thi s order.
3) German legal organs will be obliged to concentrate their attention on
being taken for legal prosecution and speed-up scrutiny of war criminals,
members of
criminal organizations, and leading  personaliti es of the Hitler regime;
at the same
APRIL 1948
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