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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Allied Control Authority, Control Council Directive No. 24 (removal from office and from positions of responsibility of Nazis and of persons hostile to allied purposes) 12 January 1946,   pp. 98-113 PDF (4.9 MB)

Page 98

Removal from Office and from Positions of Responsibility
of Nazis and of Persons Hostile to Allied Purposes
The Control Council directs as follows:
1. Object
The Tripartite Conference. of Berlin included among the
purposes of the occupation of Germany: the removal from public
and semnii-public office and from positions of responsibility in
important private undertakings of all members of the Nazi Party
who have been more than nomnnal participants in its activities,
and all other persons hostile to Allied purposes. Such persons
shall be replaced by persons who, by their political and moral
qualities, are deemed capable of assisting in developing genuine
democratic institutions in Germany.
2. Defiitions
a) Persons are to be treated as "more than nominal participants
in Party Activities" and as "hostile to Allied purposes" when
they have:
I. held office and otherwise been active at any level from
local to national in the Party and its subordinate organi-
zations or in organizations which further militaristic
II. authorized or participated affirmatively in any Nazi
crimes, racial persecutions or discriminations,
III. been avowed believers in Nazism or racial and milita-
ristic creeds, or
IV. voluntarily given substantial moral or material support
or political assistance of any kind to the Nazi Party cir
Nazi officials and leaders.
b) The term "public office" shall include all officials, civil
or employees in governmental and municipal service, and members
of governing bodies of political parties, trade unions and other
public organizations excepting employment of such minor impor-
tance that the incumbent or appointee is not placed in a position
to endanger Allied interests or commit acts hostile to Allied
principles and purposes by reason of this employment. The effect
of this definition is to require as a minimum the investigation of
all persons in public employment above that of ordinary labor.
By ordinary labor is meant work or service, whether skilled,
unskilled, or clerical, in an inferior position in which the worker
does not act in any supervisory, managerial or organizing capacity
whatsoever, or participate in hiring or discharging others, or in
setting employment or other, policies.
c) The term "semi-public office" and "positions of responsibility
in important private undertakings" shall include policy-making
or executive positions and personnel officers in:
I APRIL 1948

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