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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Carlson, Marybeth (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia (1)
8 (1988)

Contents,   pp. vii-xiv

Page vii

St. George Tucker to Frances Bland Tucker, Richmond, 3 October           35
Benjamin Harrison to George Washington, Berkeley, 4 October              35
Richard Henry Lee to Samuel Adams, New York, 5 October                   36
Williamsburg Meeting, 6 October                                          39
George Mason: Objections to the Constitution, 7 October                  40
George Mason to George Washington, Gunston Hall, 7 October             43
George Mason's Objections to the Constitution of Government
formed by the Convention                                             43
Edmund Pendleton to James Madison, Edmundsbury, 8 October                46
Edmund Pendleton to Nathaniel Pendleton, Jr.,
Edmundsbury, 10 October                                                47
George Washington to David Humphreys, Mount Vernon, 10 October           48
George Washington to James Madison, Mount Vernon, 10 October             49
§ Editors' Note: Governor Edmund Randolph to the Speaker of the
House of Delegates, Richmond, 10 October                               51
Richard Henry Lee to George Washington, New York, 11 October             51
Virginia Herald, 11 October                                              52
§ Editors' Note: The Republication of An American Citizen I-IV
in Virginia, 11 October-c. 15 December                                 52
Charles Tillinghast to Hugh Hughes, New York, 12 October                 54
Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 12 October                           54
James Monroe to James Madison, Richmond, 13 October                      55
James Monroe to Lambert Cadwalader, Richmond, 15 October                 56
George Washington to Henry Knox, Mount Vernon, 15 October                56
The General Assembly Receives the Constitution, 15-16 October            57
Richard Henry Lee and the Constitution, 16 October                       59
Richard Henry Lee to Edmund Randolph, New York, 16 October             61
Richard Henry Lee: Proposed Amendments                                 65
David Stuart to George Washington, Richmond, 16 October                  67
St. George Tucker to Frances Bland Tucker, Richmond, 17 October          68
George Washington to David Stuart, Mount Vernon, 17 October              69
Attacks on the Three Non-Signers of the Constitution,
Philadelphia, 17 October                                               69
Cato Uticensis, Virginia Independent Chronicle, 17 October               70
James Madison to George Washington, New York, 18 October                 76
John Dawson to James Madison, Richmond, 19 October                       78
Patrick Henry to George Washington, Richmond, 19 October                 79
Tobias Lear to John Langdon, Mount Vernon, 19 October                    79
Martin Oster to le Marechal de Castries, Norfolk, 19 October             83
Fredericksburg Town Meeting, 20 October                                  85
George Mason to Elbridge Gerry,
Gunston Hall, Fairfax County, 20 October                               86
Tench Coxe to James Madison, Philadelphia, 21 October                    87
Patrick Henry to Thomas Madison, Richmond, 21 October                    88
John Pierce to Henry Knox, Richmond, 21 October                          88
Archibald Stuart to John Breckinridge, Richmond, 21 October              89
Archibald Stuart to James Madison, Richmond, 21 October                  90
Frederick County Meeting, 22 October                                     91
Henrico County Meeting, 22 October                                       93
Richmond Virginia Gazette and Weekly Advertiser, 18 October            93
Petersburg Virginia Gazette, 25 October                                93
Edward Carrington to Thomas Jefferson, New York, 23 October              93
Petersburg Town Meeting, 24 October                                      96
Petersburg Virginia Gazette, 11 October

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