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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Important dates and events,   pp. 667-676 PDF (7.8 MB)

Page 667

1049 Zirids of Tunisia disown Fãtimid suzerainty and Shi'ite faith
1052 Arab raiders from Egypt devastate Tripolitania and Tunisia 
1054 July 20 Schism precipitated by patriarch Cerularius and cardinal Humbert
1056 Abü-Bakr founds Muräbit dynasty at Sijilmasa in Morocco 
1064—1065 Great German pilgrimage to Jerusalem 
1066 Slavic revolt against Saxon domination and conversion efforts 
1071 August 26 Selchiikid Turks defeat Byzantinés at Manzikert 
1072 Normans under Robert Guiscard take Palermo from the Moslems 
1081 April Accession of Alexius I Comnenus as Byzantine emperor 
1085 May 25 Alfonso VI of Castile and Leon conquers Toledo from the Moors
1086 October 23 Muräbits under Yusuf defeat Spanish under Alfonso at
1087 AbU-Bakr dies after destroying Ghana; Yusuf is Murabit ruler 
1087—1 090 or 1091 Pilgrimage of count Robert I of Flanders to Jerusalem
1087 August 6 Genoese and Pisan fleets sack Mahdia as reprisal for piracy
1089 late summer Fatimids of Egypt acquire Acre, Tyre, and Jerusalem 
1090 Assassins establish headquarters at Alamut in Persia 
1091 Normans under Roger I complete conquest of Moslem Sicily 
1094 June 15 Rodrigo DIaz, the Cid (dies 1099), seizes Valencia (lost 1102)
1095 November 27 Pope Urban II preaches the crusade at the Council of Clermont
1096 October 21 People's crusade annihilated near Nicaea by Selchükid
1096 November The First Crusade: the first armies reach Constantinople 
1097 June 19 Nicaea surrendered to Byzantines by Selchukid Turks 
1097 July 1 Crusaders defeat Turks under Kilij Arsian I at Dorylaeum 
1098 March 10 Baldwin of Boulogne assumes rule of Edessa, with title of count
1098 June 3 Crusaders take Antioch; Bohemond of Taranto becomes prince 
1099 July 15 The First Crusade ends with conquest of Jerusalem from Fatimids
1099 July 22 Godfrey of Bouillon elected Advocate of the Holy Sepulcher 
1100 July 18 Godfrey of Bouillon dies, amid accusations of poisoning 
1100 December 25 Baldwin I crowned king of Jerusalem at Bethlehem 
1101 late March Tancred regent of Antioch for captured Bohemond 
1101 August—Sept. Crusade of 1101 defeated piecemeal in Anatolia by
the Turks 
1103 early May Bohemond freed by Turks, resumes rule over Antioch 
1104 summer Byzantines regain Cilicia from crusaders and Armenians 
1105 February 28 Raymond of St. Gilles dies when besieging Tripoli 
1106 September 2 Yusuf ibn-Tashfin dies; son ' All Murãbit ruler (to
1107—1110 Crusade of Norwegians under king Sigurd "Jorsalfar" 
1107 autumn Bohemond's anti-Greek "crusade" takes Avlona, besieges Durazzo
1108 September Bohemond's expedition collapses (he dies in Italy in March
1109 July 12 Tripoli falls to crusaders; Bertram assumes title of its count
1112 December 12 Tancred dies; Roger of Salerno regent of Antioch 
111 3 Hospitallers granted protection by bull of pope Paschal II 
1115 Baldwin I builds Krak de Montreal south of the Dead Sea 
111 8 April 2 Baldwin I dies; Baldwin II of Le Bourg, count of Edessa, succeeds

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