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Zacour, N. P.; Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume VI: The impact of the Crusades on Europe

VII: The Ottoman Turks and the Crusades, 1329-1451,   pp. 222-275 PDF (18.9 MB)

Page 222

A. Turkish Settlement and Christian Reaction, 1329—1361 
 he fall of Acre in 1291 did not end the crusader peril for the Moslem world.
Western Christendom was still unchallenged at sea in the eastern Mediterranean,
and its forces had the advantage of being able to land at any time anywhere
on the coasts, which therefore remained 
 General works on Ottoman history include Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall, Geschichte
des osmanischen Reiches (10 vols., Pest, 1827—1835; repr. Graz, 1963),
largely superseded; Johann W. Zinkeisen, Geschichte des osmanischen Reiches
in Europa (7 vols., Hamburg, 1840—1863; repr. Darmstadt, 1963), still
important for Ottoman relations with Europe; Nicola Jorga (Nicolae lorga),
Geschichte des osmanischen Reiches nach den Quellen dargestelit (5 vols.,
Gotha, 1908— 1913; repr. 1963), based on contemporary sources and archives,
still essential; and Ismail H. Uzuncar~ili, Osmanli tarihi (4 vols., Ankara,
 General histories relevant to the Ottomans are Wilhelm Heyd, Histoire du
commerce du Levant au moyen-âge, tr. Furcy Reynaud (2 vols., Leipzig,
1885—1886; repr. Leipzig, 1936, Amsterdam, 1967); Ludwig Pastor, The
History of the Popes from the Close of the Middle Ages, tr. Frederick I.
Antrobus; vols. I-VT (London, 1891 if.); and Aziz S. Atiya, The Crusade in
the Later Middle Ages (London, 1938). 
 Other histories relevant to our subject include Frederick W. Hasluck, Christianity
and Islam 
under the Sultans (2 vols., Oxford, 1929); Mélanges offerts a M Nicolae
lorga par ses amis de 
France... (Paris, 1933); Dorothy M. Vaughan, Europe and the Turk: a Pattern
of Alliances, 
1350-1 700 (Liverpool, 1954); and Franz Babinger, Aufsatze undAbhandlungen
zur Geschichte 
Sudosteuropas und der Levante, I, SUdosteuropa (Schriften der SUdosteuropa-Gesellschaft,
no. 3; 
Munich, 1962). 
 A long list of Ottoman documents published in various countries is contained
in the introduction to Jan Reychman and Ananiasz Zajaczkowski, Handbook of
Ottoman-Turkish Diplomatics, tr. Andrew S. Ehrenkreutz, ed. Tibor Halasi-Kun
(The Hague and Paris, 1968). Journals frequently publishing Ottoman documents
include TârIkh-i Osmântencümeni mecmuasi (Istanbul, 1908—1931),
Belleten (Turkish Historical Society, Ankara; since 1937), Tarih vesikalari
(Ankara, 1941—1961), Tarih dergisi (Faculty of Letters, University
of Istanbul; since 1950), Prilozi, za orijentalnu filologiju (Orientalni
Institut u Sarajevo; annually since 1950), Monumenta turcica historiam Slavorum
meridionalium illustrantia (idem; since 1957), Fontes historiae Bulgariae,

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