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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany / A program to foster citizen participation in government and politics in Germany

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The objective of the total program is to assist
German groups and individuals to undertake full
responsibility for building democracy in Germany.
HICOG participation is designed only to offer such
advice and assistance as is needed to start a healthy
movement and to help it until it takes root. Only
those who have worked in Germany can appreciate
the opposition which must be overcome, the pitfalls
which must be avoided, the traditions which must
be reexamined, by those Germans who challenge
the authoritarian tradition. Accordingly, the pro-
gram contemplates assistance to German groups at
all stages of development, to assist them in getting
organized, in planning and conducting meetings,
carrying through their programs, issuing publica-
tions, or for other purposes. HICOG will take care
that its assistance does not result in control, but
simply makes it possible for the Germans to form-
ulate and carry out their own programs which
support the objectives in which we are interested.
Each of the eleven programs described in Part -II
involves certain specific activities. In addition,
there are general assignments of responsibility
which are common to all programs.
1. Internal Political and Governmental Affairs
The Internal Political and Governmental Affairs
Division (IPG) is responsible for the development
of this program in the governmental and political
field. The police and traffic safety programs (Pro-
gram Item 5) are the concern of the Public Safety
Branch; civil liberties and legislative organization
and practice (Program Items 4 and 7) of the Leg-
islation Branch; and civil service and admin-
istrative courts of the Civil Service Consultant.
All others are under the Civic Activities Branch,
which is also charged with general coordination of
the entire program and with its common admin-
istrative aspects.
The branches named above, each in its own
fields, will supervise the programs. They will work
out operating details as far as that can be done at
the headquarters level. Throughout they will co-
ordinate with the Land Offices and resident officers
to assure that the plans are realistic and practical,
and with other HICOG offices concerned (see sub-
division 2 below).
Programs at the Federal level and some special
activities will be carried out by the IPG branches
directly. Generally, the execution of the program
will be delegated to the Land Offices. They are given
wide autonomy and freedom in discharging this
responsibility, so that they may adapt the programs
to varying conditions. To assure that their work re-
mains consistent with the over-all plans, IPG is
responsible for periodic regional conferences.
IPG responsibility in connection with specific
services, such as consultants, pamphlets etc. is set
forth in subsequent subdivisions.
2. Other HICOG Headquarters Units
A considerable number of the activities proposed
in the programs involve action in fields which are
the responsibility of other HICOG Headquarters
units. These include the following:
Office of Public Affairs
The Exchanges Division has the responsibility for
the exchange program, which covers U.S. and for-
eign consultants brought to Germany, visits of
Germans to the U.S. and foreign countries, and U.S.
Information and Education fund projects.
The Press and Publications Branch, Information
Services Division (ISD), is concerned with relations
with the German press, and the Editorial Projec-
tion Branch with the transmission of information
to the German press.
The Radio Branch (ISD) is concerned with rela-
tions with the German radio organizations.
The Motion Picture Branch (ISD) is concerned
with all film production for U.S. purposes in Ger-
many and with relations with the motion picture
producers, distributors, and exhibitors.
The Education Branch, Education and Cultural
Affairs Division (ECR) is concerned with the teach-
ing of civics and political subjects in the schools
and universities.
The Community Activities Branch (ECR) is con-
cerned with youth and community programs and
with relations with community associations, and
the Information Centers Branch with the distribu-
tion of literature and other information.
The Women's Affairs Branch (ECR) is concerned
with all activities of women's organizations.
Office of Economic' Affairs
The Food and Agriculture Division is engaged
in programs directed primarily to the improve-
ment of conditions and practices on the farms, but
is interested in the IPG program as it may con-
cern the farmers' organizations.
Office of Labor Affairs
This office is engaged in similar work with the
trade unions and other organizations of workers,
and has an interest in any approach to them con-
cerning political and governmental affairs.
Office of General Counsel
The Office of General Counsel is concerned
with the courts and with legislative bodies so far
as judicial and legal problems and legislation are
concerned. It has an interest in political and gov-
ernmental reforms in these fields.
Field Division
The Field Division is the arm of the U.S. High
Commissioner responsible for representing the
point of view of the field and should be brought
into consultation when relations with the Kreis
Resident Officers are involved.
Each of these listed fields is touched upon by one
or more of the proposed programs. Plans and activ-
ities within these fields will in all cases be co-
ordinated with the other organizational unit con-
3. Land Offices
Work at the Land level comparable to that un-
dertaken by IPG at headquarters is performed by
the Political Affairs Divisions in the Offices of the

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