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Germany (Territory under Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : British Zone) / Documents on bizonal economic organization: special report of the Military Governor

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An Agreement between the British and U.S. Military Governments for the Re-
organization of Bizonal Economic Agencies was signed on 29 May 1947 by Generals
Robertson and Clay. This Agreement, which provides for the organization,
tion, and functions of the new Economic Council, Executive Committee, and
Executive Directors, is designed to "facilitate the solution of pressing
problems and the construction of economic life by popularly controlled German
agencies pending the creation of administrative and goverrmental institutions
Germany as a whole."
MiMlitary Government Proclamation No. 5, which appears in both Enrlish and
German in this publication, is being issued by U.S. Military Government to
legal effect to the reorganization in the U.S. area of control; British Military
Government is issuing a British Military Government Ordinance, which is identical
in text to Proclamation NTo. 5, to give legal effect to the reorganization
in its
area of control.
Military Government Proclamation I-o. 5 will have two appendices.  Appendix
which appears in both English and German in this publication, will be the
"Agreement for the Reorganization of Bizonal Agencies." Appendix
"B" will be
kMtilitary Government Ordinance !io. 14, "Relating to Production, Allocation,
Distribution of Goods and Raw materials."  This Military Government
Ordinance is
designed to give the present Thcecutive Committee for Tfconomics at linden
economic powers in the interim period until the new Economic Council is established
and functioning.  The text of this Military Government Ordinance is not included
this publication because of its length and highly technical nature.
Further information concerning Military Government Proclamation No. 5, the
Agreement, and Military Government Ordinance No. 1L,, and subsequent organization
changes may be obtained from the Civil Administration Division.

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