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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Aide-mémoire from the American Embassy to the Foreign Ministry of the German Federal Republic, regarding German reunification, September 30, 1958,   pp. 303-304 PDF (879.3 KB)

Page 303

-time it would permit the guarding from any outside interference the
internal development of Germany and the restoring in full measure
of its sovereignty and independence. Germany would be placed in
all relations in a position of equality with other states and would
receive access to the U.N. The working out of the draft of a peace
treaty, which would define the political and economic conditions of
the development of Germany and its military status, is dictated also
by a real need to; give the German people clear perspectives -for the
development of Germany in the future.
In supporting the initiative of the Government of the German
Democratic Republic, the Soviet Government has also in mind that
the preparatory work's concluding a peace treaty with the participa-
tion of the Governments of both German states would facilitate a rap-
prochement between them and the unification of their efforts for the
purpose of restoring the state unity of Germany.
The Soviet Government hereby informs the Government of the
U.S.A. that it has notified 'the- G.D.R. Government aboutits agree-
ment with its proposal to create a commission of representatives of the
four powers with the aim of carrying out consultations about prepar-
ing a peace treaty with Germany.
It also supports the idea of the creation of a commission of repre-
sentatives of both German states and declares its readiness to render
any aid for the activity of such a commission. The Soviet Govern-
-ment expects that the Government of the United States of America,
in accordance with the obligations lying on it in connection with the
-peaceful settlement with Germany, also will support the said pro-
-posals of the Government of the G.D.R. and will adopt the necessary
steps for their realization. The Soviet Government would be grate-
ful to the Government of the U.S.A. for the receipt in a short time
of its considerations on the question touched upon.
Notes of identical content have been addressed by the Soviet Gov-
eminent also to the Governments of Great Britain and France.
Aide-Memoire from the A'merican Emnbassy to the Foreign' Minis-
try of the German Federal Republic, Regarding German Re-
unification, September 30, 19581
The Embassy of the U.S.A. has been instructed to inform the Fed-
eral Ministry of Foreign Affairs as follows:
The Government of the United States refers to the Aide Memoire
,of the Federal Government of September 9, 1958, which draws atten-
tion to a resolution passed by the German Federal Parliament and
endorsed by the German Federal Council. This resolution calls for
the establishment of a Four-Power group composed of representatives
'of the powers responsible for solution of the German problem with
a mandate to prepare joint proposals for the solution of the German
problem. It also suggests that the group envisaged would be set up
,either at a future international conference of Heads of Government
,or independently thereof.
1 Department of State press release 572, September S0, 19,58. The British
and French
Embassies delivered Identical notes on the same day.

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