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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Soviet draft treaty on friendship and collaboration, July 15, 1958,   pp. 297-300 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 297

of atomic energy, as well as raw m aterial, materials and equipment.
The joining of the efforts of the participants of the treaty in this field
would assist in raising the well-being of people, the further develop-
ment of science and culture and would ever more push ahead the
frontiers of knowledge of the laws of nature and their utilization for
the good of man.
In the opinion of the Soviet Government, the participants of the
treaty would be able to put on a more solid foundation the develop-
ment of ties and contacts with each other, especially along the lines of
science, technology and culture with the aim of mutual familiariza-
tion with the national accomplishments of the peoples.
The treaty would also envisage other measures, the realization -of
which would facilitate lessening of the threat of an outbreak of war
in Europe. The Soviet Government is guided by the conviction that
the proposed measures in the aggregate will lead to the transforma-
tion of Europe into a zone of lasting peace and real security.
Taking into account the considerations outlined above, the Soviet
Government is introducing for the examination of the Government of
the United States of America and also of the governments of Euro-
pean states a draft "Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation of Euro-
pean States" and expresses the hope that the government of the
United States will regard this proposal favorably.
Soviet Draft Treaty on Friendship and Collaboration, July 15,
The Signatories
Resolved to promote in every way the development of friendly re-
lations and cooperation between European states and to resolve all
questions arising between them exclusively by peaceful means: recog-
nizing that the creation of an atmosphere of trust between them is
the most important task of the peoples of the European states, of ex-
cluding the possibility of the outbreak of a new war on the European
Animated by a desire to- carry out the highprinciples of the UN
and in development of the situation in keeping with the resolution
concerning peaceful and good neighborly relations between states,
approved by the XII Session of the General Assembly of the UN.
They have decided to conclude the present treaty on Friendship
and Collaboration of the European states and to these ends have
agreed as follows:
The signatories of the treaty may be all European states and the
United States of America which recognize the alms and accept for
themselves the obligations set forth in the present treaty.
The signatories will, in -the spirit of genuine cooperation and mutual
understanding, develop and strengthen good neighborly and friendly
Department of State Bulletin, September 22, 1958, pp. 465-466. The draft
treaty was
enclosed with the Soviet note of July 15, 1958 (8upra).

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