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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Statement at Geneva by Secretary of State Dulles, on Germany and European security, October 28, 1955,   pp. 166-169 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 166

10. Recognising the special responsibility of the permanent mnem-
bers of the United Nations Security Council for the maintenance of
international peace and security, the States-parties to the Treaty
shall invite the Government of the Chinese People's Republic to
designate representatives to the organs set up in accordance with the
Treaty in the capacity of observers.
11. The present Treaty shall not impair in any way the obligations
of European states under international treaties and agreements to
which they are party, provided the principles and purposes of such
agreements are in conformity with those of the present Treaty.
12. The States-parties to the Treaty agree that during the first
period (two or three years) of the implementation of measures for
the establishment of the system of collective security in Europe under
the present Treaty they shall not be relieved of the obligations as-
sumed by them under existing treaties and agreements.
At the same time the States-parties to existing treaties and agree-
ments which provide for military commitments shall refrain from
the use of armed force and shall settle by peaceful means all the dis-
putes that may arise between them. Consultations shall also take
place between the parties to the corresponding treaties, and agree--
ments in case any differences or disputes arise among them which
might constitute a threat to the maintenance of peace in Europe.
13. Pending the conclusion of agreements on the reduction of arma-
ments and the prohibition of atomic weapons and on the withdrawal
of foreign troops from the territories of European countries, the
States-parties to the Treaty undertake not [to] take any further steps
to increase their armed forces on the territories of other European
states under treaties and agreements concluded by them previously.
14. The States-parties to the Treaty agree that on the expiration
of an agreed time-limit from the entry into force of the present
Treaty, the Warsaw Treaty of May 14, 1955, the Paris Agreements of
October 23, 1954, and the North Atlantic Treaty of April 4, 1949, shall
become ineffective.
15. The duration of the Treaty shall be 50 years.
Statement at Geneva by Secretary of State Dulles, on Germany
and European Security, October 28, 1955'
Mr. Chairman, I would like first of all to confirm the sponsorship
of the United States of the document and proposals which were read
by you. These joint proposals-the proposal for assurances of secur-
ity, coupled with the Eden Plan for the reunification of Germany-
are shared by the United States, together with the United Kingdom,
and France.
I merely wish, first of all, to confirm that fact, and to say that we
associate ourselves, Mr. Chairman, with what you have said in exposi-
tion of these joint proposals.
I Ibid., pp. 48-52.

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