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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Declaration by the Allied (Western) Kommandatura, on Berlin, May 26, 1952,   pp. 100-102 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 100

(e) to take all necessary. measures on its. part to ensure that the
city remain in the currency area of the Deutsche Mark West, and
that an adequate money supply is maintained in the, city;
(f) to assist in the maintaining in Berlin of adequate stock-
piles of supplies for emergencies;
(g) to use its best efforts for the maintenance . and improve-
ment of trade and of communications and transportation facili-
ties between Berlin and the Federal territory, and to cooperate in
accordance with the means at its disposal in their protection or
their reestablishment;
.(h) to facilitate the inclusion of Berlin in the international
agreements concluded by the Federal Republic, provided that this
is not precluded by the nature of the agreements concerned.
Declaration by the Allied (Western) Kommandatura, on Berlin,
May 26, 1952'
Taking into consideration the new relations established between
France, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
the United States of America, and the Federal Republic of Germany
and wishing to grant the Berlin authorities the maximum liberty com-
patible with the special situation of Berlin,
the Allied Kommandatura makes this declaration:
Berlin shall exercise all its rights, powers and responsibilities set
forth in its Constitution as adopted in 1950 subject only to the reserva-
tions made by the Allied Kommandatura on 29th August, 1950, and
to the provisions hereinafter.
The Allied authorities retain the right to take, if they deem it neces-
sary, such measures as may be required to fulfil their international
obligations, to ensure public order and to maintain the status and
security of Berlin and its economy, trade and communications.
-                 - ~~~~~III
The Allied authorities will normally exercise powers only in the
following fields:
(a) Security, interests and immunities of the Allied Forces,
including their representatives, dependents and non-German em-
ployees. German employees of the Allied Forces enjoy immunity
from German jurisdiction only in matters arising out of or n
the course of performance of duties or services with the Allied
(b) Disarmament and demilitarisation, including related fields
of scientific research, civil aviation, and prohibitions and restric-
tions on industry in relation to the foregoing;
(c) Relations of Berlin with authorities abroad. However,
the Allied Kommandatura will permit the Berlin authorities to
' American Foreign Policy, 1950-1955, vol. II, pp. 1740-1742.

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