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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Letter from the American, British, and French High Commissioners to Chancellor Adenauer, on aid to Berlin, May 26, 1952,   pp. 98-99 PDF (852.6 KB)

Page 98

WS            DOCUMENTS ON GERMANY, 1944-59
reply to any of its four letters to the Soviet Control Coniniigsioi
before 27 April, the Commission decided on 28 April to proceed with
the preparation and submission of the present report.
67. While the Commission has been successful in carrying out its
ireminary task in the Federal- Republic of Germany and in the
Western Sectors of Berlin, it has not thus far been able to establish
:.reciprocal contact with the authorities in the Soviet Zone of Germany
-and in the Eastern Sector of Berlin even by correspondence. The
,Commission consequently has not thus far been able to make with
'the authorities concerned in the Soviet Zone of Germany and in the
Eastern Sector of Berlin the arrangements deemed necessary by it to
enable it to undertake its work in accordance with its terms of ref-
erence. Bearing in mind the infructuous efforts it has made on four
separate occasions to appeal to the Soviet Control Commission for
Germany to facilitate it in the discharge of its duties, the Commis-
sion, to its regret, is obliged to conclude that at present there is little
prospect of its being able to pursue its task.
68. However, in view of the fact that sub-paragraph 4(c) of Gen-
eral Assembly resolution 510 (VI) "directs the Commission, if it is
unable forthwith to make these arrangements, to make a further at-
tempt to carry out its task at such time as it is satisfied that the
German authorities in the Federal Republic, in Berlin, and in the
Soviet Zone will admit the Commission, as it is desirable to leave the
door open for the Commission to carry out its task", the Commission
will remain at the disposal of the United Nations and the parties
concerned, and will make a further attempt to implement its mandate
at such time as it seems likely to the Commission that new steps may
lead to positive results.
69. The following four representatives on the Commission, whose
signatures are appended below, unanimously adopted the report at
the twenty-first meeting of the Commission held on 30 April 1952 in
the Palaig des Nations, Geneva.
(Signed) Brazil         A. MENDES VIANNA
Iceland       K. ALBERTSON
Netherlands   M. KOHNSTAMM
Pakistan      A. H. ABBASI
Letter from the American, British, and French High Commission-
ers to Chancellor Adenauer, on Aid to Berlin, May 26, 19521
As we have already advised you during our discussions on the Con-
ventions between the Three Powers and the Federal Republic which
have been signed today, the reservation made on 12 May 1949 by the
Military Governors concerning Articles 23 and 144(2) of the Basic
Law will, owing to the international situation, be formally maintained
by the Three Powers in the exercise of their right relating to Berlin
after the entry into force of those Conventions;.
The Three Powers wish to state in this connection that they are
nonetheless conscious of the necessity for the Federal Republic to
1 Senate Executives Q and R, 52d Congress, 2d Session, p. 154.

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