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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1892
61st ([1892])

Proclamations,   pp. 728-740 PDF (5.6 MB)

Page 728

April 11, 1892.  Whereas, by the third article of the treaty between the
States of America and the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Dakota 
vol. 15, p. 50. or Sioux Indians, concluded February 19, 1867, proclaimed
2, 1867 (15 U. S. Statutes, p. 505), the United States set apart and 
reserved for certain of said Indians certain lands, particularly de- 
scribed, being situated partly in North Dakota and partly in South 
Dakota, and known as the Lake Traverse Reservation; and 
Agreements Whereas, by agreement made with said Indians residing onsaid 
with Lake Trav- reservation, dated December 12, 1889, they conveyed, as set
erseindians.  in article one thereof, to the United States, all their title
and in- 
terest in and to all the unallotted lands within the limits of the 
reservation set apart as aforesaid remaining after the allotments 
shall have been made, which are provided for in article four of the 
agreement, as follows: " that there shall be allotted to each in- 
dividual member of the bands of Indians, parties hereto, a suffi- 
cient quantity, which, with the lands heretofore allotted, shall 
make in each case one hundred and sixty acres, and in case no al- 
lotment has been made to any individual member of said bands. 
then an allotment of one hundred and sixty acres shall be made to 
such individual "; and 
Whereas, it is provided in article two of said agreement, " That 
the cession, sale, relinquishment, and conveyance of the lands de- 
scribed in article one of this agreement shall not take effect and 
be in force until the sum of $342,77 8.37, together with the sum of 
$18,400, shall have been paid to said bands of Indians, as set forth 
and stipulated in article-third of this agreement "; and 
Vol.26, p. 1036. Whereas, it is provided in the act of Congress approved
3, 1891 (26 U. S. Statutes, pp. 1036-1038, Sec. 30), accepting and rat- 
ifying the agreement with said Indians; 
"That the lands by said agreement cedel, sold, relinquished, and 
conveyed to the United States shall immediately, upon the payment 
to the parties entitled thereto of their share of the funds made im- 
mediately available by this act, and upon the completion of the al- 
lotments as provided for in said agreement, be subject only to en- 
try and settlement under the homestead and townsite laws of the 
United States, excepting the sixteenth and thirty-sixth sections of 
said lands, which shall be reserved for common school purposes, 
and be subject to the laws of the State wherein located: Pirovided, 
That patents shall not issue until the settler or entryman shall 
have paid to the United States the sum of two dollars and fifty 
cents per acre for the land taken up by such homesteader, and the 
title to the lands so entered shall remain in the United States until 
said money is duly paid by such entryman or his legal representa- 
tives, or his widow, who shall have the right to pay the money 
and complete the entry of her deceased husband in her own nam, 
and shall receive a patent for the same," and 
Whereas, Payment as required by said act, has been made by the 
United States; and 
Whereas, Allotments as provided for in said agreement,as now 

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