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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1856

[Washington territory],   pp. 184-193 PDF (4.3 MB)

Page 184

informed ; but presume that they do, as they have been permanently 
settled for a great number of years. 
Since the date of my last annual report, the Kiowas and other In- 
dians of the Arkansas river have made several expeditions into this 
Territory, in which they have killed a number of the Mohuach Utahs, 
and it is believed several whites, and taken a considerable amount of 
property. About the 16th instant a war party~of Kiowas, consisting 
of ninety-five warriors, arrived at Albuquerque, in this Territory, 
having passed to the centre of the settled portions thereof. They rep- 
resented their objects to be to see our people and country, and to make 
war on the Navajoes. On consultation between General Garland and 
myself, orders were given to Major Carlton, commanding at Albu- 
querque, to turn these Kiowas back, and direct them to return to their 
own country, and, in doing so, they committed severaldepredations 
before leaving the settlements.                 ed 
With regard to estimates for the necessary appropriations for this 
superintendency during the next fiscal year, I beg leave to refer you 
to my estimates for the present year, which were transmitted to your 
office with my last annual report, as these .estimates are equally ap- 
plicable to the next fiscal year. 
I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, 
-Governor, and Superintendent qf 
Indian Affairs in New Mexico. 
Commissioner of Indian Aflairs, Washington City. 
No. 12. 
Olympia, W. T., May 31, 1856. 
SIR: I have received your communication of the 19th April, giving 
me authority to draw upon the department for $10,000 per month, 
commencing with the month of December, 1855. This amount will 
not, however' cover the expenditures which have been incurred, and I 
will ask authority to draw for an additional amount not to exceed five 
thousand dollars per month. My original requisition was for $15,000 
per month. It must be borne in mind that I am actually feeding, in 
whole or in part, 5,350 Indians; that the number will probably in- 
crease; that the expenses of expresses are very heavy; and that I have 
to take the responsibility of incurring expenses when it is a question 
of peace or war. The views of the department, having, as they do, the 
hearty concurrence of my judgment, the result of my personal experi- 
nece here, shall be faithfully and zealously carried out. They have 
been my governing principles of action, not only during the pendency 
of the war, but from my first entrance upon the duties of the superin- 
I am gratified to be able to report that the policy of protecting the 

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