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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1856

[Michigan agency],   pp. 32-34 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 32

agsi    M~]ICHP#4TA~WX 
friendly. manifestations of a sincere dqsfre on the part of thjCj- 
sioner to enourage he Senecas in t~i fot oiupcetxi o 
diinhve- haOa amost saintarwuen pojthonio     nb 
allay ig the party-dissensions that for some yers p    atlag 
and  ddthe3m,   yextingul iabgny 4ipostiqtoo 
aft rtsome other country for a-reside tI-nc ey  w tbrou4tQ_ 
understand-and will more highlyapprecit-e-the ivalue f i restnt 
homn, and consequently there willherejafr e mor.di  tyi 
their being deprived of them. The-gieatobfrct of oUr Y'4y  a 
in going to the aid of these peopl hai  beeato rceterai=s  u 
tte  m the homes descended friii tbir th rs  ofwhid  theyi 
Sm:i bSiye-mylast annual rehfnoting of unum al tereste.s- 
LenYDI  W    WS 
tk.B1 " nth ,2e, Idio ft-        h   e 1S&6.k &1 
la-.-expenditureofAMo        it 
boe tu Med t:he saxae plo'iqy ." T- Year 111C -9Ve fdniha th6 
I.n    with- a tiber -ltooffctenr-15men- 
ot   : Sise myhsehol-anituareport, andothig fuensl ntot ere 
to .  UraV enam to-1YbWId-- houseo -la --  t   ai 
tra-*e O amongwth-  e I a of this -Anc Ihatsn  c 
p  &M:h.Annui-ty amefr 1856; ,mto e  Cipew9 f    Mak  I- 
hqw-a    co4-stove- Mrtb;-the- uidl  '001o "n g ura atbi 
b  : ~ai:  best . ooig-gl4a's,    many smalfler r vtIfes 
lia  the xpendi t of th  pplicy canbl e-ovecnd-, 
oh oolsed We ouseho nithriviang I den villagesa Mbcis 
to    orage, m toual   and   ti-hen Lakbis 
Bkver; s witnewh conrtabe giyeatover  dien   lving ihe a 
las ayer, ad xthave ju ithmae  ualOrntes ng aOut their 
Villa hintoos, with streets and   alleys. At LAn sallage plat 
WtiLnAlso surveyed immediately,is  i a-lot six-bywovee  rods-  - 
ifdi, to each IndianWho will lbsde-riv -itn -  i  as a ea4 rer, 
(hgedPrtgt'     Ws, adote lc     ties nLaS_-htip-,rerior.eAt 
done at Grand Portage, and-several new houses will* heerected there 
beore the next payment. A portion @1' the Fond -au-Lao Indians, 
headed by the chief Naw-gaw-nab,1have lted the l ves on the 
lakeshore a few .miles above La Pott,-adjoining the reservaion as- 
sig ed to Buffalo'sband. They asktheprivilege of remaining here; 
an&that &-small-trct of.-land may 4 withdraw .frpm-market for 

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