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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

State department announces policy,   p. 2 PDF (368.6 KB)

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State Department
Announces Policy
The Military Governor publishes a policy announced by the State
Department as follows:
On or about July 1, 1948, the Department of State in agreement with
the Department of the Army will assume responsibility for direction,
control and operation of Military Government in Germany, and in
assuming these functions the Department of State fully realizes that
it will necessarily rely heavily upon the civilian and military staffs
which have been such an effective agency in the implementation of our
occupation objectives' in Germany.
Civilian personnel engaged in the functions involved on date of
transfer will become employees of the Department of State under the
existing civil service system without adverse change of grade, compen-
sation or other conditions of employment. Civil service regulations,
provision for retirement deductions ande within-grade promotions will
remain unchanged. Accordingly, as a result of this transfer of functions,
these individuals employed by the Department of State will not be
adversely affected in their seniority rights, status, or pay. Military
personnel desiring to qualify for civilian positions will be afforded an
opportunity to do so.
As a result of changing conditions, reorganizations have been neces-
sary in the past and will probably be required from time to time in the
future. However, it will be the policy of the Department of State:
1. To initiate reorganizations as infrequently as possible and to
affect personnel as little as possible.
2. Within the civil service regulations, to continue competent per-
sonnel in their present grades as long as 'there are appropriate positions
and so long as satisfactory service is rendered.
3. To consider for promotion present employees who are qualified
to perform more difficult tasks, before resorting to recruitment outside
the organization.
At such time as it is possible to furnish additional information regard-
ing the transfer of functions and personnel, further announcements
will be made.
INFORMATION           BULLETIN                                          
=-Il I
MARCH 23, 1948

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