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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 105 (August 1947)

Problem of uniform laws,   pp. 14-[15] PDF (1.5 MB)

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At the 23rd meeting of the Laender-
rat in Stuttgart on 5 August, General
Lucius D. Clay, the Military Gover-
nor, spoke of the problem of uniform
legislation among the Lae'nder" of the
US Zone, the need for trucks- for
harvest collections, and the necessity
for immediate implementation of the
Land constitutions. The text of his
address follows.
S INCE our last' meeting I have 'had
a" letter from  yourA chairman
pointing' out thb difficulties which
you Ihave exp6rienced in obtaining
Military  Government approval of
uniform laws. As -TI tdld you many
mdnths S a6o,- it is', very difficult indeed
tbo distinguish between- a law which
should be enacted' by a Land and onfe
whith should; be 'approved by the
Ldenderrat to be promulgated in all
of the Laender.
HoWeve'r, in examining the record,
I believe that we have 'been too'
restrictive in respect to the approval
of laws which the'Laenderrat thinks
should be uniform in the four Laen-
der. I think that is particularly true
sin'ce thje ;aendqrrat now  has' --the
advice of the Parliamentary Advisory
qouncil.   a-
*-We shall reexamine those laws
whi1h have. been disapproved withy
this. end in view. On the other hand,
I shall ask- the Laen4errat,. in sending
further laws ,to, us for approval, tto
explain why they believe it is de-
sirable, for. uniformity. to be obtained
in. the . several Laerider.-, Thus,;. in,
making a decision with respect to the,
appxoval of a law we will have the,
benefit 'of the views which:l-ed you to
propose it as a uniform law for. all-
of, the Laender in the American Zone
of Occupat;ion.
I WOULD like to refer to the always
pressing problem of food. Now that
the collection season is at hand, the
problem  of transport, becomes most
important. I think it necessary that in
each of the Laender control be exer-
cised over. truck transportation to be
sure it is not used for less ess5ential
purpQses and is available for, the'
transport of food from, thQ farms to.
the centers of collection. InT  . con-
nection with the food ration, the bi-
zonal food and agriculture agency
does not believe its present stock
pcrsti'on a. deqte to  rmit - a f1ull
call-up df 'the bread ratibn. However,
we believe that the necessity for the
call-up is urgent and that the stock
position will permit it to be done,
although with great difficulty. There-
fore, the British -and American. Mili-
tary Governments have taken- -the
responsibility to authorize the call-up.
I should like to refer once aqain
to the necessity for the Laxidtage. in
the several 'Laender to enact legis-
lation which will fully implement
their- -constitutions. It has now been
seven months since the Landtage
were formed. 7under the constitutions
and it seems to be most important
that thelegislation which will make
the constitutions effective be im-
plemented at the earliest possible
T HERE is one other matter about
which I should like to speak: Re-
cently a German public official, and
one occupying a rather prominent
position, charged the displaced per-
sonhs with' maintaining  the black
market '- and with being a disorderly
gtoup within the United States Zone
of Occupatidn in Germany.
To me, such a charge: makes no
sense at all. You know, as well 'as I
do, the -soiaUrce of the black market.
For' a Germart official not' to accept
the responsibility for the black market
operations- conducted-by the German
people and to blame it: exclusively
on the displaced persons in the Amexr-
i-can Zone is at least unfait and. in-
dccurate. We will never attain a state
of tolerance; and understanding with
inflammatory public statements of
this-J kind.'
(Continued from page 12J
Music Library
the four zones of Germany (including
their Sectors in Berlin) as follows:
US Zone, 285; Soviet Zone, 77;. British
Zone, seven; French Zone, five.
.As of 31 July, 5P German performing
organizations gave 285 performance;
of 89 different American chamber-
music and orchestral works of Ame-
rican composers in 27 cities of the US
Zone and US Sector of Berlin. Approx-
imately 20 English, 40 French and
30 Russian contemporary music works
have beeli-berformed in the US Zone
and US. Sector of Berlin sinTe May
A printed catalog of all American
works in the- Library has been pui-
lished in June 1947; in addition, the
catalog contains biographical sketches
in German of 94 American composers
In the. near future, recording machines
with phonograph records of all avail-
able American Music, will be distrib-
uted through ICD to the Interallied
Music Lending Library and its bran-
ches throughout Germany.
Besides of introducing American
music to Germany in connection. with
its Reorientation  Program, ICD. is
sponsoring lectures by. leading Ame-
rican musicologists, conductors ,-.and
other American musicians, who are
using the American music materials
at the Interallied Music Lending Li-
brary to illustrate their lectures.
Cashing POW            Credits
Military Payment Orders' and'Cer-
tificates of Credit are noon-negotiable
but are paid promptly in th 'US Zone
at the local Land    Central Bank
branches' and in the British Zone at
the' local branches of the Reichlbank,
Finance Division, OMGUS, announced.
It is emphasized that payment will be
made only in Reiclhsmarks and that
those ex-prisoners of wa~r who are
holding these certificates in hopes of
receiving dollar payments will be
Former: German prisoners of war
are advised'not to send their Military
Payment Orders and. Certificates of
Credit to financial institutions in the
United States as on ly German banks
are authorized, to cash Military Pay-
ment Orders and Certificates of Credit
No arrangements. have been made
as yet for the settlement of . Certifi-
cates- of Credit -and MilitaryoPayment
Orders held heirs of deceased.-pris-
oners, of waar. As- soon as the nec-
ensary procedures have been agreed
upon, a .public -announcement will be
Problem of Uniform Laws
11 -AUGUST 19470

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