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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

German reactions,   pp. 34-36 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 34

New Book by Eugen Kogon
Praised in Press Reviews
The recent book "Der SS Staat" (The SS
State) by Eugen Kogon on the concentration
camps is receiving high commendation from
the German press in the US Zone, according
to   t        .   s'
to the weekly analysis by the Office of the
Director of Information Control, OMGUS, of
the editorial comment in the licensed press.
A review in the Frankfurter Neue Presse
predicted a greater effectiveness to Kogon's
book in influencing the German thinking con-
cerning the _concentration camps and Nazi
crimes than the motion picture "Todesmnueh-
len" (Mills of Death) has had. It continued:.
.."This book comes at the right time. It is
the work of a great writer who once and.for
all carries decision into a muddled mental
and andoethical situation that concerns us ...
his work also fulfills a task of meditation
with the rest of the world such as rarely falls
to- a book . . . A work like Kogon's 'SS-
Staat' proves that even now when we are in-
undated with pamphlets and periodicals with-
out conviction, a book can move the hearts
and. minds of men, if the writer has an acute,
articulate mind :and shows a way by clear
thought out of labyrinthineconfusion."
Der Allgauer (Kempten) in a review of
the book said all the concentration camp
literature published heretofore can be dis-
missed as "books that appear nowadays by
the dozen and that emphasize and underline
German collective guilt and paint in distort-
ed perspective the grandiose, terrible fate of
the individual on the one hand, and on. the
other the wanton, impenitent people in its
madness... Yet, we all know that the con-
centration camp, is a, problem that we wilt
have to settle in our hearts."
1n describing Kogon's book as filling "'this
crying. need," Der.Allgaeuer concludes that
it is "perhapsvthe most important and most
worth reE
been publ
many since hM
State   Secretarial Proposed
The Fraenkische Nachrichten (Tauber-
bischofsheim) gave support to the idea for
the creation: in Wuerttemberg-Baden of a
State secretariat for the preparation of ques-
tions arising out of the peace treaty. It be-
lieved that Germany should see her foreign
policy as follows:
"The belief that Germany could decide in
favor of an Eastern or a Western group is
a fundamental error. The future role of
Germany can only correspond to that of a
greater.; Switzerland. The German people
must win confidence abroad so. that it will
not be considered as enemy or ally, but in-
stead as neutral - a country which sees its
future task in the maintenance of understand-
ing and the will to peace, in the reconstruc-
tion of a. peaceful world order."
Criticism    of Rationing
In an editorial discussing the problem of
German economic organization, a topic which
has been receiving considerable attention in
the German press, the Kasseler Zeitung said:
"ILet us go to Bavaria where the new econom-
iCs minister Dr. Zorn appointed a special
commission to examine the overloaded textile
warehouses, which stand in contrast to the
inadequate issue of ration certificates. If.that
were only a local situation one could ignore
it., But the same thing is being reported from
all cities and communities. Thousands of
femilies would be grateful to be able to buy
an electric cooker or an electric iron. The
economics office does not issue ration certif-
icates although the warehouses are full ..
This involves apparently a lack of planned
guidanice in the, distributione of consumer
goods.       .

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