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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 49 (July 1946)

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Decree Orders Employment
For All Bavarian Youths
All unemployed Bavarian youths between
14 and 18 years of age will be gainfully
employed this year, according to a new
decree by the Bavarian ministry of labor.
Acting under directive No. 3 of the Allied
Control Council regarding the registration of
all unemployed persons and their use in gain-
ful occupations and with permission of Mi-
litary Government, the ministry of labor has
ordered organization of a "Bavarian Youth
Work 1946-47 to put all unemployed young
people of either sex to work. Purpose of the
decree, which went into force 15 June, is to
save youth from the dangers inherent in un-
employment, the preamble says.
According to the decree, all Bavarian
youths between 14 and 18 years of age who
are not employed at present will have to
participate in the Youth Work from which
they will be released as soon as regular jobs
are open to them.
Participation in the Youth Work is made
a condition of later regular employment and
those consistently refusing to participate will
be liable to the punishment set in Control
Council directive 3, a maximum fine of 1,000
marks or maximum imprisonment of three
Employment in regular work is to be
handled by labor offices, employment in other
work by charity societies, trade unions or
political parties. Work of this kind mentioned
in the decree includes participation in debris
removal in the damaged cities, helping in
agriculture or truck gardening, clearing of
land for new vegetable plots, work in social
institutions such as kindergardens, or old
people's home sewing rooms.
In addition girls may be sent to serve a
"household year" with accent on training as
future housewives.
In giving regular employment to youths,
labor offices are instructed to prefer, in order,
youths who want to learn a trade in which a
shortage of skilled men exists, youths who
have served part of their apprenticeship and
wish to conclude it, youths of the older age
brackets and youth in -unfavorable social
Election Observers
Representatives of the British, Soviet and
French occupation forces had an opportunity
to observe voting procedure in the Constitut-
ional Assembly elections recently held
throughout the American Zone, when they
were guests in Wiesbaden of American elec-
tion off icials.
All phases of the election were made ac-
cessible to the visitors so they could obtain
first-hand information. The delegates observ2
ed procedure followed at voting booths, and
interviewed election representatives and of-
ficials of the Greater Hesse Government.
Mutilated Currency
The procedure to be adopted for the re-
placement of mutilated Allied Military marks
has been approved by the Coordinating Com-
mittee of the Allied Control Authority.
Mutilated marks can be replaced only if
three-fifths or more of the note are submitted
for replacement. The replacement of mutilated
marks for civilian and military staffs of each
Occupying Power shall be effected by the
respective Military Government offices. For
German nationals replacement shall be made
by German banks. The procedure for re-
placement shall be established by each Zone
Commander. The highest official currency
office in each zone shall reimburse the Ger-
man banks for the mutilated Allied Military
marks that have been replaced by them.
The highest official currency authority in
each zone is to be responsible for the destruc-

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