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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 36 (April 1946)

Press comments,   pp. 23-26 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 23

Iress I+Comments
*                   t~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-   -.   ft.-  o 2L -  *-a  A.  .
Washington Star:   ". . . Lieutenant
General Walter Bedell Smith has back-
ground and personal attributes .... that
should fit him well ... as American Am-
bassador to Moscow
his characteristic
__   __   orthrightness  and
clarity of mind in ap-
-=   proaching  problems
involving both mili-
tary and political factors -a combination
of qualifications likely to be most help-
ful in his dealings with the Russians."
Philadelphia Bulletin: "Appointment..
will take to the Russians a man they al-
ready know and esteem... His contacts
with the Russians were frequent. It is
apparent.. . Smith.. twill he a decided as-
set to us. The General's assignment'' is
tough... few diplomats have had either
a larger task or a greater opportunity."
Saint Louis Star - Times: "General Smith
....close friend of Red Army Marshall
Gregory Zhukov. Soldiering may not be
the best training for diplomacy but per-
sonal friendship certainly is a good found-
ation on which to build friendship between
two nations."
Detroit Free-Press: "The choice.
holds good promise for our future rela-
tions with Soviet Russia. General Smith
has toughness and great personal
charm. The qualities are needed in our
new diplomacy."
New Haven Register: "General Smith
is highly thought of by the Russians. He
speaks a language they can understand."
Ridimond, New Leader   "There scarce-
ly could be a better choice. The fine quali-
ties of the retiring ambassador are
matched by... former chief-of-staff of the
American forces in Europe. Americans
may have both pride and assurance
they will be well represented in Moscow
by Bedell Smith."
Saint Louis Globe Democrat: "General
Smith... able and dynamic... friend of the
Russian Marshall Zhukov, which will not
hurt him at Moscow. . . he should give
this country able representation at a dif-
ficult post where a little more realism on
our part will help international relations."
ProvidenceBulletin: ".-.. a man -of great
personal charm. He goes to a difficult
assignment but no more difficult than the
one he has thus far successfully met."
Indianapolis Star: "General Smith's as-
signment probably tops in importance any
diplomatic chore in the world..
Christian Science Monitor: "Appoint-
ment... applauded. General Smith .......
demonstrated special qualifications for
the Moscow assignment."
It has been predicted by Frederick
Winant,chief of theTrade andCommerce
Branch of the Office of MilitaryGovern-
ment, says The New York Times that
German exports will be gradually re-
sumed "on a limited basis. The dollar pro-
ceeds ...will be applied against imports
of those foods necessary to maintain a
health level adequate to prevent epidemic

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