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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 34 (March 1946)

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Page 18

cress C6omments
American News Execs Tour US Zone
Seven American newspaper executives
representing fifty US publication will
arrive in Frankfurt on 25 March to com-
mence, a ten-day tour of the US Zone of
Occupation, in acceptance iof the in-
vitation extended to the group by General
Joseph T. McNarney.
The seven representatives of regional
newspapers and nine affiliated radio
broadcasting stations, are now in the
final days of a three-week tour of France,
as quests of the Syndicate of French
Regional Dailies, a non-governmental or-
ganization iof privately owned newspapers
in France.
The present itinerary calls for visits
to US Headquarters in Frankfurt and
tours lof several supply installations and
depots in the Frankfurt area, after which
the party will depart for Berlin. Other
stops will be at Stuttgart for a tour
of Military  Government installations,
visits to Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Munich
and Dacehau. One of the features of the
tour will be a lone day attendance at
the War Crimes Trial at Nuremberg.
Members of the group are: Philipp D.
Adler, of Kewanee, III., editor and
publisher of the "Kewanee Star Courier,"
representing ten Lee Syndicate news-
papers in five Middle-Western states.
John P. Harris, 'of Hutchinson, Kan.,
representing the John P. Harris and
Sidney H. Harris newspapers, four in
Kansas and one in Iowa.
Farewell W. Perry, of New York City,
representing six Florida newspapers, one
Kentucky publication  and four radio
stations, property iof the J. H. Perry
.Newspapers Inc. chain.
Roy Pinkerton of Ventura, California,
editorial director of the John P. Scripps
Newspapers, representing four California
newspapers and one in Bremerton, Wash.
Walter P. Jones of Sacramento, Calif.,
editor of the McClatchy newspapers in
California, and representing the five
lMcClatchy broadcasting stations in that
L. R. Blanchard, of Rochester, N. Y.,
director of the news and editorial office
of the Gannett newspapers, representing
that chain's twenty publications in four
Edward Lindsay, of Decatur, III.,
editor of the Decatur Newspapers, Inc.,
representing the Illionis dailies published
by that chain.
In a piece which appeared in The New
York Times, Raymond Daniell announces
"many occupation authorities . . . hold the
pace of our withdra-
. wal from the control
___ of the press and
radio, courts and the
denazification  pro-
gram is too swift.
These critics contend that the alleged
readiness of the Germans to embrace the
principles of democracy is a mere camou-
flage to cover the depleted Army's
inadequacy to meet the task before it.
Gradually working towards the day
when political parties and trade unions in
Germany will be organized on a nation-
wide  basis  which  American  policy
- -  I

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