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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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(i'litorial Notes Tlo conforenrle  of trade union editors in the U.S. Zone
was hold on 2 Saptuabr 1948 in Stattgart. Those present at the meeting in-
cludrad the aditors of trade Uwion publications in thre0 Laenddr of the U.S.
Zonx: Thuod2or Thomas, Franlfurt, oi litor of the Hiessian paper, "Stimmae
x.boitl; Idrmana '(chofflor, Stuttgart, a.'.itor of th3 auorttembarg-Baden
*Ge-warkschaftszeitung"; and iiilhElm 3nlxrulat, hvluaidh, editor of
-the Bararian
O.Gwc.rLischaftszei tung '+ Tho conferD:ice w Has alsD attundo 11 by lea
ling trade
union orficials Aacludlin.g Horr 1.inrkus b0ohlciher and Herr ;ilhelm ilaoiakneoht,
President and SecretAry raspectively of thoe 'aorttembefg-B3aden Trade Union
Fereration; and Hlerr G-org Ruutar, Genoral Secretary o' the Tbade
Union Federation and Herr Sch6'llor bf the i3avarian  edS-ration's educational
d~epart.aonat. Gue6t i~'iUitary Oo~ernlent r pres~ntativos included 'tha
Govornor for .luortteiborg-Balen, 4r. Charlus La ?ollotte, an' tho Land x~anpower
Offiobr for  duortteinberg-23alon, E. rdwin F. Beal. The followiing account
the conforonco. is takan ftrorn a comieunication wIdritteen by Mr:. 'Rock
at whose
sugg stion the -1ieeting had, been aalla1.)
'Governror La Follott; gnv3  a frienly w:el ome to thu conference. I was
pleased anrd Proud of his interist in and atttnedalnc  at tha conference.
(ivlanpowor -dviser) message to the trade union edlitors was real in German.
It was. an interesting and wortlxvhi1c Laee t i , in my opinion. The editors
were ke;hnly interested in my observations; this was iIicated by questions
exprcssi;ns whhich they. made rlurin,; the ¢ourse of my report and aftorwards,
Frequently they shock. thAr huan 1s in a-greiaant with. y ,;words and said,
("Thatts right!'). To my critical remarks they Y seamod tooreact in
a wondoring,
thoghtful sort of 7ay.
'ihen I had concluded, IHerr Schloichor mal(a a littl'o talk, Zie said that
they wera iauoh intbrzestj1g in my criticism, that the unio3s lacked.funds
to do all
that they wouldl like to lot anl that the uditors .;ould, no doubt, soon
the flaeration executive boards for pezalnssion to carry out some of the'
8Ugg8sstions meader in my report.
"herr -icuter spoke at greater length. iHO saidl that when thQ editors
receiVe~d my ropert in trahslation they w:ui study. it in 1etail' and then
their comments on it."

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