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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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Born and raised in .wilwaukee, Elmer ..'. Beck preparad for his career
at the School of Journalism of the University of aisconsin. Su'eseqaent to
his gra-luation from the Univ, rsity, hir. Beck L'.came. activa ia journalism
aat. particularly in labor journalism with which he has been closely
idlentified for twe7va years. 1e has serLed as editor of the former 'Shoboygan
(disconsin) Times ", a trada union weeklyl reportar on the ".JvIlwaukoo
ivenin -
ost",, a wekly, and as associate editor of the 4Ydisconsin Leader",
weelly. For the past six and one half years, virr. Book has boen tile e ditor-
in-chief of "T'he }hanosha Labor" which serves joinatly the -merican
of Labor aad the Coangress of Industrial OrZalizaitioas in lenoshal disconsin.,
For the past six years, -Lr. Beck has held the post of Vice Preside>nt
the ,cerican Newspaper Guild Local 159 in }kinosha,
-.t the invitation of U.S. .Jilitary' Oovernmeat, Mr. Buck camena to Genrany
in June 1948 for a three-months tour of duty as export consultant on trade
union journalism to the ~anpobsar Division, PI1GUS. During this period, 4r.
Beck undertook first-hand survoys of tha labor press in the Bizonal ^reoa.
For purposes of his study, he cousulte. with Grmn-4 trade union cditors and
union officials, anid witn a military Goovernmont ilanpower and Information
Sorvico representatives$ and visitod union aditorial offices, publishin'z
establish-nonts, and industrial plants. The' results of his findia.-s are
corporatad in the followingL report w;hich DIr. Beck subnittad upon coe4Vltion
his mission to the Director of the jlanpowar Mivision, Oi-GS. Zxccpt for
3ditorial changes, the report has, been roproduced in its original form.
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