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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

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7. University extension services, as they are developed either in England
or the United States, are not part of the Gvrman tradition and do not fit
the picture of the universities as the monopoly of the elite. However, the
.'cademy of Labor at Frankfurt brought about long ago a degre   of fruitful
university cooperation. The proposed academy at flamInurg is also a step
in this
direction (a move incidantally initiated by the unions and cooperatives,
agreed to by the University), In Darmnstadt, students have turned to the
for help. In Nuremberg, trade union youth leaders have viorked with represent-:
atives of the University at Erlangen on a proposed law which would provide
for qualified but underprivileged young people to get an education.
Some university professors have always been available for work in the
Volkshochschulen and with the unions, aven in the face of majority disapproval
of their colleagues.
Whare interested univarsity people exist, they should be, counted in on
the list of those available to help.
8. In the face of present paper quotas and the increasing paper shortage,
the problem of reaching rank and file union members will remain in spite
of the
use of every available device.
1. idanpower Division should approach the unions with the proposal thr7xt
Land organization appoint an education secretary to coordinate and direct
educational work.
2. Ylanpowcr Staff should include a workers' education specialist as staff
consultant, wilo should be available to travel as a consultant to the unions.
3, lianpot4er Staff member. should work closely with officers in the Educati,
Division in Berlin and in the Laender in the fields of adult education, vocatio
education, youth work and university extension.
4. manpower Staff member   should wrork with other OIAGLS agencies to make
resources in Germany available to unions for educational work: films, libraries
and publications, university and public school service, radio, and adult
educational resources.
5. iIanpowcr Staff  ameber: should promote -w-ith union educational staff
zonal, bizonal and Lacrder conferences on workers' education to include a
vey of German and ,merican resources, to discuss problems of teacher rasruit-
ment and training, to pool experiences in resident school organization and
administration, and to lay down lines of cooperation with other community
educational agencies.
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