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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

Werts, Leo R.
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Labor unions in Genrwnly can contribute much to the process of dIe.ocratic
reorientation which is one of the basic objectives of the occup'ction. Their
lov tion to :iemocracy and international understanling prior to 1933 is but
3ne reason for believing that organized labor in Germany e.ay b;. expected
to ft'ollow the same path. The German trade unions have learned through bitter
eor ri.nca that their organizations can truly fulfill the inter sts of t'.s
warkin3 population only within a zdemocratic framework. They als. posSCos.,
leanst in Y'VUestern Germany and emon, the democratic trade unions of Borlin,
a dtAeination to withstand totalitarian onc1aughmts re~ar'Ucss of tha
Air, ction from which they !aay comre.
In order to succeed in their efforts ts restore a livin: f.aith in the
values of democracy, the German trade unions m.last develop in thair mJelimber-
shiD as well as in their leadership a keen undc5rstn 'ling, of the rile of
organized labor in a deiacratic sDciety. The hum.lan resources
the accomplishment of this mission awere geatly iampove3rished durinar the
raiame when i-aany of the formaer trade union lealers were ext riainarrud
whon an entire LYener.atiDn was raised in iLaortaace of :>enuine labor
ization. Ger man trade union leaders, who are vi911 awnre of the urarent
to) make, up these losses, are therefore devoting much attention to labor
0 Jaucation.
The study prepared by Ibrs. Cook was undertaken at a ti;do when the
initial efforts were beinmg mauae in the reastablish-uent of labor e.'aation.
It is a credit to the German trade unions that *Labor educ.tion ha, ma-e
so;me proress in the period since the report was written. virs , C'O_ : '
represents an imporsant contribution to an underst-ndinf- of -tLe be .-,rd
and th  trends of thou-ght which hlave nande possible thess later dev.el
*                                 _; f  ,       ,,2
Di r.rn<> t+7.
-Ij.npower Division

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