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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

IV. E. Location of America Houses,   pp. 128-129 PDF (724.8 KB)

Page 128

On the basis that it is acceptable to the comunity, all activities
are pleasing, and that it fills a local cultural need, an America House
can be justified for every sizeable community in Germany. These, how-
ever, are not the reasons for a Public Affairs program. Locations of
Amrica Houses should be practically and selfishly determined by applying
criteria of where and how can the maximum number of people be reached
with the fundamental propaganda of the United States; where can a
balanced political, economic, social, and religious audience be con-
tacted; and where is the number of outlets consistent with the ability
to provide a quality program within the resources available.
The development of recommendations for the locations of America
Houses is approached in two steps: (a) the determination of criteria to
apply in determining America House locations, and (b) the building up of
a priority list of actual locations.
Criteria tAplinDetermining -the Number of America Houses _Operated
Because the America Houses have established themselves as
respected and effective institutions, it is iperative that carefully
thought-out criteria be used in establishing a priority list of comuni-
ties where Houses should be located in Germany.  There is no single
criterion to apply, and the multiple criteria do not have equal weight.
Howevrer, during the course of field studies and discussions with head-
quarters staff, Consuls General, regional Public Affairs officers, and
the America House directors, the following criteria appeared significant.
The America Houses should be located so as to:
1. relate most effectively with the entire Public Affairs field
2. be within reach of the maximum number of people;
3. have the potential of reaching a balanced political, religious,
trade union, educational, commercial, professional, and indus-
trial cross-section of the people;
4. serve the major cities of Germany;
5. work intimately with at least one university;
6. avail themselves of the receptivity and civic cooperation
necessary for the development of a favorable opportunity for
influencing people.
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