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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

IV. D. Berlin program,   pp. 126-127 PDF (609.2 KB)

Page 126

Berlin offers a singular opportunity for an aggressive Public
Affairs program and calls for imaginative adaptation of the America
House resources. Not only are the same community interests present as
appear in other America House communities, but, in addition, the chance
to reach visitors from the Russian Sector and the isolated character of
West Berlin present unparalleled conditions for presenting the Public
Affairs messages.
The Berlin America House has an impressive record in the large
number of visitors reached by its programs. However, it is presenting
the same type of activities as found in the other America Houses which
are serving normal communities. It also tends to operate as an indepen-
dent arm of the Public Affairs program with only nominal integration
with the other Public Affairs programs in Berlin.
Need for Pooling Rsources
There is need to pool all the Public Affairs resources in Berlin --
the America House, RIMS, Die Neue Zeitun, the regional Public Affairs
office direct programs, and  e FegnOperations Administration. With
all of these excellent resources weighed against the select and mass
audience potentials, the responsibilities could be assigned to the media
in accordance to what each is best equipped to do. This desired approach
is not within the organizational capacity of the America House to ini-
tiate. Rather, it requires the leadership and direction of headquarters
and the Berlin regional office. Because such has not been the approach
in Berlin, it is understandable that the America House operates little
differently frow Houses in Western Geirany.
Distribution of Responsibility
Apparent misplaced emphasis results from the effort of the America
House to reach mass audiences when it does not have the physical capabi-
lities for doing so. An example of this is the fm program     Other
Public Affairs outlets in Berlin are equipped to reach mass audiences
through RIA  broadcasts,    , D mcultural festivals, inustrial
fairs, and through the use o  te fcI1   JiJe of Titania Palast, the large
public auditorium in Berlin.
On the other hand, the America House is equipped, using its excellent
library collection as a base, to develop an intensive Upackagef program
for reaching selective grups through its library, lectures, discussions,
films, and exhibits. It is not concluded that the sole effort be directed
to selective groups. The library should continue its present broad
coverage. Lilkwise, exhibits and, to a lesser extent than is now the
case films should continue to reach mind audiences.
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