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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

III. F. Organization, personnel, and administrative support,   pp. 111-117 PDF (3.0 MB)

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1   He    arters -Field Relations
Headquarters-field relationships of the America Houses involve a
dual personality. On the one hand, the America House as a complete field
outlet for the Office of Public Affairs is an integrated part of the
field Public Affairs officers' operations, and, consequently, is subject
to the sai headquarters relationships as any other part of their acti-
vities. On the other hand, because certain important program servicing
can best be supplied centrally, direct servicing and policy guidance in
these areas must be supplied by a specifically designated unit in head-
The headquarters-field relationship in regard to the America Houses
has not been easy to establish because headquarters' responsibility is a
mixture of policy guidance, general direction, and the provision of pro-
gram services. One of the objectives of this report is to identify those
areas in which headquarters should have direct contact with the Arica
Houses and those areas in which contact should be through the regional
Public Affairs offices.
The identification of lines of responsibility will be simplified if
two basic concepts are kept in mind: (a) the America House operation is
the responsibility of the regional Public Affairs officers an is one of
the facilities and means through which the entire Public Affairs program
is conducted in the field; and (b) certain services, together with
evaluation and counsel on their utilization, can be provided mre econo-
mically and more effectively if done centrally by headquarters. The
logical provision of these services frequently calls for direct headquarters
contact with the individual Africa Houses.
With regard to the first concept, responsibility for the operation
of the Houses is no different than the conduct of any other Public Affairs
activity in the field. The Public Affairs officer, as a member of the
consulate staff, is responsible. He looks to the Director and Deputy
Director of the Office of Public Affairs for policy and general program
guidance and to the General Manager for necessary headquarters support and
direction in the broad management areas of budgets, personnel, and faci-
lities. The normal administrative services are provided by the consulate.
Direct contact of the America Houses with headquarters in these areas is
neither necessary nor desirable.
Since headquarters serves the America Houses with procurement and
distribution of books, periodicals, and equipment, with speakers and
artists, and with exhibits, the Information Centers Division should deal
directly with the regional Public Affairs offices or with the individual
Houses. The nature and volume of these services, calling for careful
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