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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

III. D. Community relations,   pp. 103-105 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 103

One of the best propaganda characteristics of the Amrica Howe
is its identification as a community institution. To justify this
identification, the successful directors reflect the desires of the
citizenry in their programs, produce programs jointly with key organisa-
tions, participate in related c   it activities, and provide cor.
patible civic groups with certain services of the America House. The
exercise of analytical caution is necessary, however, for while an
America House uses the tools of a progressive American public library
or civic organization the mission of the Office of Public  airs is
considerably different.
General Gb ectives of the COumuni  Relations     am
As the director of the America House takes on increased res-
ponsibility for the whole Public Affairs program within his geo-
graphical area, he, of necessity, becomes concerned with the role of
the America House program in the cmnit    and seeks to develop
relationships which enhance that role and which in turn  reas the
impact of the program.
The successful America House is one which becomes identified as
a local civic institution as well as an iorition center of a fore
nation. The iplenentation of the America House objectives calls for
frequents purposeful contacts with the eyriad co  ity orgiation,
movemnts, and personalities which can serve as chanels for relting
the program to the connity*. In short, the director of an America
House must know and establish productive contat with  h opinion leader-
ship of constructive and cooperative groups within the area wich is
influenced by his America House.
les of Present Prog  of DevCommity               ion
Most directors believe that it is necessary to check their progrm-
ming with certain elements of the cunity. The objective, regardless
of the degree of formality or the copleteness with which it is done,
is to maintin a continuous check on the interest and acceptability of
the Arica House programs. Used properlyr, this is the traditional wey
for a civic institution to maintain a runnizg appraisal of its
There is no fixed formula for the mechanics of this type of
community clearance. Methods depend on the type of commity, the
caliber and habits of the community, leaders, and the mnner in which
the director personally can best operate.
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