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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

III. B. Programming,   pp. 42-90 PDF (19.7 MB)

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Progring consists of the planned activities which take place
in an America House. These activities consist of the following:
lectures, discussions, fibs, concerts, English language instruction,
exhibits, and children's activities Emphasis placed on the various
elements varies greatly, depending on the interests and wishes of the
directors and their staffs, the availability of speakers and artiste,
the characteristics of the community, and the objectives of the
regional Public Affairs officers
The Director as Dominant Facto
The dominant factor in determining programming content is the
American director. A reflection of the variation among directors as
to where the emphasis should be placed is indicated by their opinions
as to which elements of the programs including the library, best ful-
fill Public Affairs objectives. When asked to give their opinions,
the directors rated the program elements as follows:
Rank in Effectiveness
2nd          3rd
Most        Most         Most
Effective   Effective    Effective
Library                          64 %        8 %         20 %
Fil                              16         20           25
Lectures and Discussions         20         52           45
Exhibits                         -           8            7
Concerts                                     4            3
English language instruction     -           8
In order to present an indication of the scope of the programming,
two samples are presented. One is an example within one America House,
the other is a summary of all (8) America Houses within the region of
one Public Affairs officer.
The following summarizes programming for a two-week period in
one of the most active America Houses:
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