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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

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Ssce and Form of the Re        t
The Public Affairs activities in Germany are directed toward a
goal which establishes five well-considered and carefully-phrased
objectives. As the America House program is a major component of the
German program, it is guided by these same objectives, which are to:
1. promote a better understanding of the United States, its
aims and ideals, and increase mutual knowledge and respect
between the United States and Germany In the political,
cultural, and economic fields;
2. stimulate and maintain the interest of the people of the
Federal Republic in participation in the European Defense
Community and in European integration;
3. reinforce our cultural, political, and economic ties in
Berlin; maintain contact with East Sector Berlin and Soviet
zone people to strengthen their faith in democratic insti-
tutions; and aid in combatting Soviet efforts to disrupt
the normal life of the city;
4t. win German confidence in our efforts to achieve the unifi-
cation of Germany on suitable terms and aid in frustrating
Soviet efforts to gain control of Germany;
5. support democratic Germany against authoritarian
forces of either the Right or the Left.
During fiscal year 1953, concentrated effort was made by 54
American and 961 German employees at a total cost of approximately
three million dollars to foster through 47 America Houses, 20 book-
mobiles, and approximately 115 German-American libraries the acceptance
of the concepts propounded in these same objectives.
The substance of this paper is devoted to the examination of two
1. What could and should the America Houses be expected to
accomplish in support of the general Public Affairs program?
2. Having determined the desired range of accomplishments, what
could and should be the program ingredients and the program
support which are necessary to gain effective and economical
progress toward the realization of these accomplishments?
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