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Keeling, Ralph Franklin, 1901- / Gruesome harvest

Chapter X: Facts we must face,   pp. 111-135 ff. PDF (8.3 MB)

Page 111

How We Have Played into Russia's Hands
General Eisenhower told a press conference in London that
the Russians "like to laugh." Well they might, in view of the
way we have played into their hands and fallen for their
Things have come to such a pass that we have seriously been
told we must not criticize the Russians or their government;
yet those who said so have felt perfectly free to criticize every-
thing American and have made no corresponding effort to stop
Soviet blasts at us.
In March, 1945, GI's in Germany were actually placed un-
der official orders not to make unflattering remarks about the
Reds. 1 Typical of our un-American efforts to throttle critics
was AMG censorship in April, 1946, of a letter by a Catholic
Bishop calling attention to Russian abuses of Germans through
forced labor and expulsions. We prohibited the reading of the
letter in churches, because it might offend Russia.  Social
Democrats and other German political parties have not been
allowed to criticize the Communist party, lest Russia take
We must realize that there is something seriously wrong
with nations, as with people, who cannot stand criticism, who
try to place themselves beyond reproach, and that something
is equally wrong with people who truckle to them.
Russia deserves not only criticism but condemnation. Stalin
in 1939 told the Communist Party of Russia it must beware
of us, for we would send our "spies, murderers, and wreckers"
into the Soviet Union. The facts are that the Soviet Union
has sent its spies, murderers, and wreckers into this country,
as in all others, where they have infiltrated into our govern-
ment, occupying hundreds of key positions, sitting in our inner
councils, and even helping mold our foreign policy.

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